Jeddah’s Al Balad will welcome 34 heritage hotels 

The UNESCO World Heritage site will combine history with hospitality. 

Saudi Arabia is used to welcoming hotels from around the world. Now, it is working on a homegrown initiative and creating heritage hotels in Jeddah’s Al Balad. The initiative restores existing buildings into luxurious hotels, and here’s what you need to know.  

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture has signed up Al Balad Development Company to operate the heritage hotels in the Jeddah Historic District. The area is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the aim is to attract tourists and create a cultural experience for visitors.

Jeddah heritage hotels

Al Balad includes more than 600 historic buildings. Al Balad Development Company is working on creating heritage hotels, which preserve the historical architectural features with modern amenities. Upon completion, there will be 34 heritage houses that combine history with hospitality.

Jeddah heritage hotels

Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al Issa, Director General of Jeddah Historic District Program, explained: “As part of our efforts to provide an exceptional experience for our visitors in a destination that has been and will always be on the map of hospitality, we are pleased today to complete the restoration of some heritage buildings to be an ideal hotel accommodation for our guests. This is just the beginning of a larger cooperation aimed at providing a diverse hospitality experience.”

Jeddah heritage hotels

Jamil bin Hassan Ghaznawi, Al Balad Development Company CEO, added: “As the main developer for Al Balad, we work in close integration with the Jeddah Historic District Program to achieve a common goal, which is to revive the Jeddah Historic District Al Balad and make it an attractive destination for business and investment and a global tourism destinations.”

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