Siranna in Neom promises to be a futuristic retreat 

The hotel boasts fine dining restaurants, luxury retail and a wellness centre. 

Neom is one of the most exciting megaprojects in Saudi Arabia. The city will be home to futuristic features, which range from flying taxis to a glow in the dark moon. Now, it has announced the development of the luxury destination Siranna, which is where the sea, mountain and wadi meet in the most extraordinary way. 

Siranna aims to be a serene spot, which encourages thinking as well as relaxation. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, it will be located between soaring mountains and boast spectacular views. Even the entrance will be Insta-worthy, as it can be accessed by a boat that weaves its way through natural rock formations. 

Siranna combines history and modernity. The structure has been designed to complement the surroundings and preserve the landscape. The architecture pays homage to the heritage of the local area. Plus, the building is made up of hexagonal pillars, which range in height. 

The site will be home to 100 hotel rooms and apartments, which span 65 rooms and 35 residences. If guests are after adventure, there will be trails on foot and horseback. Plus, there is a beach club, fine dining restaurants, luxury boutique shops, a spa and a wellness centre. 

Neom recently announced the development of Leyja, which will be a luxury eco-tourism destination. The hospitality group, Habitas, will oversee three new hotels. Construction begins in 2024, and they are scheduled to open in 2028. The properties are named Home of Adventure, The Oasis Hotel and Home of Wellness.

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