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Saudi Arabia to host fourth edition of Gulf Cinema Festival

The festival promises to highlight regional filmmaking and foster global artistic exchange.

With its majestic landscapes attracting Hollywood and Bollywood filmmakers and events like the Red Sea Film Festival gaining momentum, Saudi Arabia is establishing itself as a hub for cinematic excellence and will host the fourth edition of the Gulf Cinema Festival. Taking place in Riyadh from 14 to 18 April, this event will show the burgeoning presence of Saudi Arabia in the global film landscape.

Organised by the Film Commission in collaboration with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Gulf Cinema Festival aims to strengthen ties among the six member states of the GCC and promote a thriving Gulf cinema industry. It’s poised to support regional filmmaking and foster artistic exchange on a global scale.

Gulf Cinema Festival

The Gulf Cinema Festival will kick off on 14 April and run until 18 April. A selection of 29 films from across the GCC countries will be featured, offering a diverse showcase of regional creative talent. In addition to film screenings, the Gulf Cinema Festival will host training workshops and educational seminars, providing opportunities for filmmakers to enhance their skills and engage in meaningful dialogue about cinema.

One of the highlights of the festival will be the recognition of veteran actors for their contributions to growing Gulf cinema. This acknowledges the significant role played by these individuals in shaping the cultural landscape of the region’s film industry. Awards will also be presented across various filmmaking categories, including short and feature films, screenplays, film scores, and acting.

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