Bahrain’s FACT-nominated Nue by Nomad makes its way to Riyadh

This urban eatery is now open on Tahlia Street.

In recent times, Riyadh has become home to many exciting new culinary ventures. Now, it has welcomed a new gem from neighbouring Bahrain. Nestled on the ever-evolving Tahlia Street, Nue Nomad has just opened doors in the capital, promising to delight the taste buds of Riyadh’s most discerning diners.

Nue by Nomad has earned its reputation as an urban eatery in Bahrain. The FACT Dining Awards Bahrain 2023 nomination is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence as the restaurant combines bold, urban flavours with a warm and aesthetically pleasing ambience. If the Riyadh outpost follows the same interiors and menu as its Bahrain counterpart, you’re in for a delicious adventure.

Step into Nue by Nomad in Riyadh and you’ll be greeted by a setting adorned with rattan chairs, cushioned seats, and a soothing colour palette of greys, blues, and greens. The atmosphere is inviting and Insta-worthy, showcasing the brand’s commitment to providing a visual feast that harmonises with the culinary delights.

Nue by Nomad’s success lies in its dedication to crafting homemade dishes using only the finest quality ingredients. The menu is a symphony of flavours, boasting a diverse range of options to cater to all taste preferences. From the healthy Almond Butter Acai Bowl to the tempting Nomad Pastry Basket, hearty Breakfast Sliders, savoury Shakshouka, and indulgent Nutella French Toast, Nue by Nomad promises to satisfy every craving.

Nue by Nomad’s reputation in Bahrain precedes it, and with an outpost now open in Riyadh, the Kingdom’s food scene is in for a real treat. 

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