Hong marks a culinary comeback for Chinese cuisine in Riyadh

Immerse yourself in a dining experience where Chinese opulence meets contemporary flair.

In recent months, Riyadh has been swinging the doors open to some seriously cool joints like Carbone, Mr. Chow and Namu. Now, nestled within the luxurious confines of The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, Hong, the renowned Asian fine-dining restaurant, has emerged from its hiatus. Promising a culinary experience that seamlessly melds contemporary cuisine with traditional Chinese opulence, this relaunch elevates the dining experience to new heights.


As you step inside Hong, you’ll be met with an atmosphere of pure elegance. Attention to detail is evident from dim lighting casting a warm glow on plush furnishings to tasteful decor that transports you to a haven of refined luxury. The interiors adorned with rich reds, silk paintings, and traditional Chinese calligraphy create a visual feast that complements the culinary delights being served.

The kitchen is led by Head Chef Wang, a dynamic veteran from China’s Henan Province with a rich culinary background, including stints at Hutong in Dubai. He breathes new life into Hong’s menu, intertwining traditional tastes with a contemporary flair.


This nuanced approach treats you to traditional Chinese cuisine. Dishes such as the Sichuan-style Kou Shui Chicken, Wok-fried Lobster, and Steamed Sea Bass showcase the chef’s dedication to excellence, allowing natural flavours to shine without overwhelming the palate. The Yu Xiang Eggplant, with its refined flavour profile, stands as a testament to Hong’s commitment to culinary perfection.

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