Pierre Hermé Patisserie from Paris debuts in Riyadh

Indulge in a culinary marvel as the ‘Picasso of Pastry’ unveils his creations at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, Kingdom Centre.

In a city buzzing with culinary delights and cultural richness, Riyadh welcomes a new gem to its gastronomic landscape — Pierre Hermé Patisserie. Nestled within the luxurious confines of Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, Kingdom Centre, this exclusive boutique from Paris promises a sweet escape for locals and visitors alike.

At the helm of Pierre Hermé’s culinary empire stands Chef Pierre Hermé himself, hailed as the “Picasso of Pastry” for his groundbreaking creations and innovative approach to dessert-making. With a lineage steeped in baking tradition, Chef Herme’s journey began at the age of 14. Since then, he has garnered global acclaim, earning accolades such as “Best Pastry Chef in the World” and the title of Chevalier of Arts and Letters.

Pierre Hermé Patisserie

As you step into Pierre Hermé Patisserie Riyadh, you’ll be greeted by an enchanting array of confectionery. From the velvety indulgence of Plaisir Sucre dacquoise biscuits adorned with hazelnut crisps and milk chocolate ganache to the fusion of flavours in the nori seaweed-infused macaron, each creation embodies Chef Herme’s fearless spirit.

Speaking to FACT ahead of the launch, Chef Herme shared insights into his creative process, emphasising his inspiration. “Mostly, it comes from ingredients and the combination of ingredients that comes by intuition,” he shared.

Chef Herme then spoke about his now signature creation, Paradise, which initially consisted of rose and raspberry. “This cake was not a big seller, but it was important for me,” he explained — and it then took him ten years to perfect it. “The conception of the cake was too simple, so in time, I discovered that lychee has a rose taste and added that to elevate Paradise.” This delicacy will be available in Pierre Hermé Patisserie Riyadh, so you can savour the harmonious blend of flavours too.

Pierre Hermé Patisserie

When questioned about the possibility of crafting region-specific delicacies, Chef Herme shared that it will not be right away, but that it could happen soon. Reflecting on his recent encounter with Saudi Qahwa at the airport, he remarked, “The beverage had a lot of cardamom, probably saffron and other ingredients. It was a great first impression that could be a good base to start.”

Meanwhile, guests can enjoy signature offerings ranging from the ever-popular Ispahan rose macarons to the decadent Infiniment Vanille shortbreads, each crafted to evoke a sensory experience.

With the opening of Pierre Hermé Patisserie at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, Kingdom Centre, dessert lovers in the capital will be treated to a sensory journey like no other. So prepare to tantalise your taste buds, elevate your palate, and immerse yourself in a culinary adventure that promises to redefine indulgence.

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