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FACT Review: A contemporary take on the classics at Sumosan Riyadh

The main courses are this restaurant’s strongest suit.

Riyadh is certainly no stranger to new restaurant openings, with exciting culinary destinations popping up all over the capital. One of the latest additions to the food scene is the Japanese restaurant Sumosan Riyadh, which debuted in Laysen Valley in 2022.

As you step into Sumosan Riyadh, you’ll be greeted warmly by the enthusiastic wait staff, eager to guide you on a Japanese culinary journey. The restaurant’s interior exudes an inviting ambiance with its woody hues, earthy tones, and a touch of pistachio green. The dim lighting sets the mood, and a soft spotlight shines on each table, allowing you to appreciate the art on your plate. What’s advantageous about Sumosan Riyadh is its open kitchen, where you can witness the chefs crafting each dish with precision and care.

Sumosan Riyadh

Guests can choose between regular wooden tables, adorned with gold accents and artificial flower centrepieces or cosy booths for a more intimate dining experience. We opted for a quiet corner and were promptly presented with a warm towel to freshen up. 

Sumosan Riyadh’s menu is a treasure trove of beloved classics and signature dishes. We started our meal with Crispy Sushi Rice topped with Spicy Salmon Tartare (SAR 81), a delightful starter bursting with flavour. The rice’s crispy, crunchy texture complemented the salmon’s tenderness, but the portion was a bit too large to appreciate the combination fully. A smaller bite-sized serving would have allowed us to savour both the textures simultaneously.

Sumosan Riyadh

Next up were the Wagyu Gyoza (SAR 99). While they were expertly steamed, they could’ve used a tad more seasoning and a generous filling. However, the real star of the evening was the Sumosan Riyadh roll, featuring salmon aburi, prawn tempura, and asparagus. Intrigued by the description, we decided to give it a try, and it did not disappoint. This maki roll was a burst of flavours, perfectly fresh, and offered a great blend of crunch, spice, and a sweet kick with a hint of caramel flavour. This is a definite must-order at Sumosan Riyadh.

Sumosan Riyadh

For our main course, we savoured the 24-hour Miso-marinated Black Cod (SAR 253), and 48-hour Marinated Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs (AED 299), accompanied by a side of Vegetable Fried Rice (SAR 64). This course was an absolute highlight of our meal. Cooked to perfection and perfectly seasoned, the black cod had aromatic and sweet notes and was elegantly served in a giant brown leaf. The short ribs were incredibly tender, practically melting in the mouth, without a hint of dryness. Pairing them with the vegetable fried rice was an extraordinary decision, adding a spicy touch and a nutty, smoky texture that made it a dish that could easily stand out on its own.

Sumosan Riyadh

Moving to the dessert menu, we opted for the Miso Cheesecake (SAR 69). This dessert was a sweet symphony, with a firm yet soft-to-eat base and a perfect balance of sweetness and the gentle tang of cream cheese. It was the ideal conclusion to our exquisite meal, supported by the attentiveness, warm hospitality, and beaming smiles of the Sumosan Riyadh front-of-house team.

If you’re in the Saudi capital and appreciate the finer nuances of Japanese cuisine, Sumosan Riyadh is a must-visit. The food is exceptional, and the dining experience is memorable. And who knows, you might just spot a celebrity there.

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