WAGYUMAFIA sizzles its way to Via Riyadh

It’s time to experience wagyu excellence in the Saudi capital. 

Guess who’s coming to dinner with their sizzling wagyu beef? WAGYUMAFIA has just opened its first-ever restaurant in Saudi Arabia and it’s all set to leave a lasting impression with its incredible dining experience at Via Riyadh.

Founded by chef Hisato Hamada and entrepreneur Takafumi Horie, WAGYUMAFIA celebrates the qualities of Japan’s renowned beef. It all started with private pop-up dinners focused on wagyu, leading to the opening of their exclusive Tokyo restaurant in 2016. But it was their masterpiece, the Kobe Beef Chateaubriand Cutlet Sandwich, that skyrocketed this concept to culinary stardom.


And it was WAGYUMAFIA’s pop-up restaurant during Riyadh Season, with its high-quality ingredients and memorable theatrics that impressed Sinan Al Saady, founder and group CEO of Cool Inc. He then decided to bring the concept to the Kingdom and is confident it will be an instant hit with discerning diners.


WAGYUMAFIA brings its A-game to the Kingdom and it’s not stopping at just one concept. It’s doubling the excitement by combining WAGYUMAFIA and YAKINIKUMAFIA under one roof. WAGYUMAFIA will treat exclusive members to a culinary adventure like no other, filled with top-secret perks and wagyu wonders. But don’t worry if you’re not part of the secret club because YAKINIKUMAFIA’s premium yakiniku concept is open to everyone. That means you can sink your teeth into delicious, sustainably raised wagyu. It’s a celebration of the art of grilling meat over fire with cutting-edge butchery techniques that minimise waste.


Inspired by their Tokyo hotspots, the wagyu wizards have conjured up an omakase menu featuring the legendary Chateaubriand Cutlet Sandwich, a Kobe Beef Bento Box, stunning Tricolor Sushi and more. So grab your knives and forks because WAGYUMAFIA has arrived.

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