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Hotel Hotspot: African safari meets Arabian elegance at Nofa Riyadh

Your gateway to wilderness and wonder, is just a stone’s throw away from the Saudi capital.

Renowned for its vast and awe-inspiring deserts, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable transformation. From new hotels and dining destinations opening across the region, the Kingdom is leaving no stone unturned in attracting tourists from all around the world. But that doesn’t mean it has forgotten its local travellers. In a country where luxurious resorts are often associated with coastal locations such as Dammam or Jeddah, Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort, emerges as an astonishing exception.

Hidden away in the outskirts of Riyadh, Nofa Riyadh beckons travellers to experience a unique blend of luxury and nature. As you approach this destination merely 100 kilometres from the capital, an adventure unfolds. Safari animals add an unexpected thrill to your arrival, setting the tone for an unforgettable stay.

Nofa Riyadh

Stepping into the lobby, the atmosphere is a seamless fusion of African safari aesthetics and modern luxury. The decor is a symphony of wood, leather, and various animal skins, designed to immerse guests in a captivating wilderness experience. Tree branch desks, stone fountains with charming hippo sculptures, and an eye-catching wall adorned with a herd of elephants await your arrival. The flooring, while aged, impeccably encapsulates the theme, with faux animal skin accents gracing various corners. This property, which once belonged to a member of the Saudi Royal family, was entrusted to Radisson Collection in 2019, which converted it into the one-of-a-kind wildlife resort we see today.

Nofa Riyadh

As you pass through the grand lobby doors into the heart of the resort, you’ll be met with an expanse of lush greenery that starkly contrasts the desert landscapes outside. Buggies, standing by to whisk you to your private villa, offer scenic pathways that overlook the swimming pool, multiple dining options and a delightful congregation of African birds. By nightfall, this oasis transforms into a magical garden, its trees adorned with golden lights, casting an ethereal glow that’s perfect for Insta-worthy moments.

Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort, boasts 57 private villas. Enclosed by dried bamboo shoots, your villa comes complete with a private pool, sunbeds, and a patch of lawn. Inside, you’ll discover a king-sized bed, a television, a charming chest of drawers that exudes an old-world charm, and a bathroom that evokes an African vibe. The room is adorned with themed decor, including exquisite wood carvings and animal prints.

Nofa Riyadh

While Nofa Riyadh may seem secluded, it boasts an array of amenities to make your weekend escape memorable. Imagine having your own private cinema, a massive indoor pool that appears plucked from a movie scene, a fully-equipped bowling alley, and an expansive jungle gym for the little ones. There’s even horse and camel riding around the resort, as well as bicycle rentals and paddle boating on the lake. 

The Amani Spa features separate male and female spas, inspiring you to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being through a range of treatments. Both spas include four treatment rooms, a traditional hammam, an aromatic steam room, well-equipped gyms, and various indoor pools. 

Nofa Riyadh

When it comes to dining, Nofa Riyadh offers a diverse array of culinary experiences. Tswalu is an all-day dining destination that serves an international buffet. The Butcher’s Den is a grill kitchen that promises a theatrical culinary experience in a smart and stylish setting. It also features outdoor terrace seating with tranquil lake views. Nestled atop The Butcher’s Den is the Aji Sushi Lounge, offering a chic atmosphere for an authentic Japanese dining experience. The Al Fresco Cafe invites you to relax by the pool bar, and for those who appreciate the soothing allure of shisha, The Hookah Lounge awaits. 

But what makes Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort, unique is the enthralling golf course and the captivating animal safari experience. Passing through Jurassic Park-like gates, open jeeps take you on a safari that houses hundreds of animals. You’ll encounter creatures from the deer family, such as the elusive Blackbuck and the stunning Arabian Oryx. Ostriches are a common sight, as are elegant giraffes and zebras. Wilder animals, such as hyenas and wolves, are kept in separate enclosures for safety reasons. However, the open safari experience is perfect for children, making Nofa a family-friendly destination.

Nofa Riyadh

This landscape, adorned with sandy dunes, then transforms into a lush oasis, offering a striking contrast. Mini golf courses and full-fledged golf courses are available for those who wish to indulge in the sport. And just when you thought you’d seen it all, you can make your way to the avery, where you can observe birds, spot peacocks, feed goats and sheep, or even hold an owl. The icing on the cake is the opportunity to interact with the hippos lazily lounging in the water. 

Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort is a destination that demands your attention. If you’re in Riyadh, this resort offers a unique adventure without requiring a lengthy road trip. A grand adventure awaits you in the heart of the desert.

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