Diriyah Gate welcomes new fine dining restaurant Maiz

Dig into Saudi cuisine and culture at the dining destination.

It won’t be long until Diriyah Gate becomes a must-visit destination in Saudi Arabia. Diriyah Gate aims to showcase the kingdom’s history through heritage and hospitality, and is being transformed into a hub for retail, entertainment and, of course, dining. The latest venue set to open in Diriyah Gate is Maiz, a fine dining restaurant serving Saudi cuisine.

Maiz in Diriyah Gate is a stylish restaurant, which has different areas boasting different vibes. Think dimly-lit interiors with dramatic chandeliers to a bright terrace with Arabic architecture. Plus, the menu prides itself on offering authentic Saudi food with a contemporary touch.

Maiz in Diriyah Gate

The $20 billion Diriyah Gate Development plans to put this historical location, which was once Saudi’s capital and the seat of power for the Al Saud family, back on the map for tourists and locals. When it is completed, Diriyah is expected to have a population of more than 100,000 and 25 million visitors each year.

Maiz in Diriyah Gate

Diriyah Gate is also home to Matal Al Bujairim, 15,000 square meters food hub, which will include 18 globally-renowned restaurants. Matal Al Bujairi has been created in partnership with Al Khozama, Saudi Ministry of Culture, Saudi Heritage Commission, Saudi Culinary Commission, and Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), and aims to promote authentic Saudi cuisine, culture and heritage.

Maiz in Diriyah Gate

Mr. Khaled Saud Abu Haimed, CEO of Al-Khozama, said: “Maiz is more than just a hospitality concept, it represents a unique journey of the kingdom’s heritage and culture, providing an exclusive destination for the lovers of Saudi flavours. Being the world’s first genuine Saudi restaurant, Maiz is bringing up the best cuisine and is set to become the top choice for tourists and residents, by offering a unique culinary experience to all visitors”.

Sounds like plenty of food for thought.

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