Thrill seekers can now stay at Khaybar Volcano Camp in Saudi Arabia

The one-of-a-kind volcano experience offers luxury eco-lodges.

Japan has Mount Fuji, Italy has Mount Etna and Saudi Arabia has Harrat Khaybar. We’re talking about volcanic hotspots, which make for one-of-a-kind travel experiences. As the kingdom opens Khaybar Volcano Camp, a luxury eco-lodge concept, here’s what to expect from the new destination.

Khaybar is located more than 150 kilometers north of Medina, and boasts a landscape that has been shaped by volcanic activity. If you’re an intrepid traveller, book yourself a stay at Khaybar Volcano Camp. Great for those who want to go off the beaten track, the venue has been built on extinct volcanoes and land that is largely untouched. 

Khaybar Volcano Camp

History buffs will love Khaybar. The land has recently been excavated by archaeologists, and provides an insight into ancient Arabia as well as past civilisations. So, this is a rare chance to visit in an area where some of Arabia’s earliest settlers left their mark. Guests will have the chance to visit geological landmarks, lava caves and oases that have existed for millions of years.

The site is packed with prehistoric monuments, but are plenty of fun experiences. Excursions include mythical storytelling, evening stargazing, music performances and balloon flights. Plus, the wellness programme includes sound healing, and sunrise as well as sunset silent meditation sessions. 

Khaybar Volcano Camp

On the outside, this looks like camping, but on the inside it’s glamping. The accommodation includes ten luxury tented suites, which are decked out in minimalist yet modern style. The rooms include a queen size bed, ensuite bathroom and, of course, WiFi, so you can keep the followers up to date on your adventures. Best of all, each room has a wooden deck with spectacular views.

Khaybar Volcano Camp

Even though you’re camping, there’s no scrimping on the food. The ingredients have been sourced from local organic products. On arrival, guests are given a welcome mocktail, nuts, dates, olives, hummus and fruits. During the experience, guests can indulge in traditional Saudi cuisine, fireside dining and in-room dining. 

Room rates start from SAR 1,200 per night. Are you up for an adventure? 

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