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We’ve experienced our fair share of spas in Dubai so it comes as no surprise that it takes something really extraordinary to wow us. Nowadays, a wellness trip to any spa needs to go beyond just a good treatment, and FACT’s Shabana Adam has found just the place. Enter The Spa at the stunning 5-star Address Boulevard and be prepared for head-to-toe zen.

This award-winning spa is by far one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Sprawled out across 760sqm of serene space, it’s easy to forget that the world’s tallest building and the bustling downtown area make up the unreal views right outside the windows of this relaxation haven – you’ll feel like you’re having a secret escape and nobody beyond the spa walls knows about it!

Welcomed with a lime and lavender drink and cold towel, I fill in a simple consultation form before being ushered to hop into a comfy robe and slippers. The changing rooms and wet area are bigger than most luxury spas I’ve encountered in the UAE. With the feeling of a large but cosy home, it would be wise to arrive a little ahead of your appointment so that you can enjoy the invigorating steam room, sauna and jacuzzi as well as the experience showers.

I’m here for a voyage of sorts – the 120-minute Balinese Journey. A results-driven treatment that not only sounds like just what the doctor ordered but is made up of three different elements that harmoniously bring together my favourite therapies into one excursion: there’s a scrub, a wrap and a massage – charming!

The therapist explains that the first part of the treatment is ideal for those with sensitive, normal to dry skin. Step one: we begin with a coconut scrub while scents of frangipani and lotus fill the air. The scrub is rubbed all over the body and feels gentle yet brisk – the five minutes I spent in the steam room has helped to open up my pores and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which will effectively aid in softening the skin. The therapist is vigorous in her application and I already can’t wait to see (and feel) the smooth results. The scrub is then wiped off with hot towels, preparing the skin for step two. The spa bed is adjusted to my comfort and I’m soon covered in warm, soothing rhassoul clay which is applied all over the body. Then comes the best part; you’ll be wrapped up in a sheet as thin as cling film and covered in multiple blankets – it’s a lovely warm cocoon that is made extra special as the therapist performs a head massage which sends me into an easy sleep. So far, so good.

I’m up and out of the blissful shell for a hot shower to wash off the clay. Soft, supple skin and a healthy texture are revealed. I’m SO ready for this massage.

Requesting medium to firm pressure, the technique of Balinese massage involves relaxing and reenergising strokes along with spirited stretches. If you’re someone who works in a stressful environment or if you spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer or any desk job for that matter, the chances are that this massage will be highly effective in easing muscle tension, loosening up your posture and tight knots, and generally making you feel revived and restored – all those things that you want from a great spa treatment. Of course, it’ll be hard not to nod off again – but you’ll wake up to find a hot neck pillow, woolly blanket, hot “euphoria” tea and dried fruit and dates waiting for you in the chilled out relaxation lounge. Serious points for aftercare!

As I leave The Spa at Address Boulevard, I can’t help but think about how much I want to share this two-hour escapade with everyone, how much I want this to be their little secret relaxation hotspot too, and how much I want them to experience the perfect coming together of luxury and wellbeing that will remind every guest how important it is to take care of and treat yourself. ✤


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