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Breathe life back into your skin and wash away the effects of harsh winter weather with a refreshing Cure Detox Facial at the award-winning Mandara Spa. FACT’s Shabana Adam went to experience the talked-about treatment by the gurus of skincare at Natura Bissé …

It has been a while since I’ve had a facial. At least over a year – crazy, right? It’s all because of the Sephora sheet masks – the idea and ritual of a facial has now become one that involves lounging with takeout food in front of Netflix.

I’m here to remind you why it should be so much more than that.

To begin with, going to a spa for a facial already means upgrading your me-time to something more special. And going to Mandara Spa elevates this further. Located at The H Dubai, everything about this spa is complete zen and subdued luxury. There’s an urban feel that blends seamlessly with a relaxing vibe; you’re encouraged to come early and enjoy the hydro facilities including steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and experience showers, providing you with the ultimate spa journey.

I’m here for the 17-step, 75-minute Cure Detox Facial by Natura Bissé. I’m rocking the typical winter complexion of combination skin; sometimes oily, sometimes dry – I just can’t win in this weather. My therapist informs me that this facial is super results-driven and aims to restore balance back into your skin. I’m familiar with Natura Bissé, the Spanish company embodies sophisticated elegance, efficiency and feminine intuition through the use of avant-garde technologies and extraordinarily high concentrations of superior quality ingredients. This facial is no exception.

We begin with a welcome touch of aroma nectar which leads to a thorough cleanse, followed by a wipe down with the hydrogel toner. Next, an application of the enzyme pre-therapy tingles the skin a little – but this is a good sign – the formula is working its magic. Exfoliation with 3GP follows and I feel like all the invisible dirt that has built up as a result of environmental factors, use of make up and general wear and tear is scrubbed off to reveal skin that can breathe. Tone again with hydrogel and then comes the second application of the enzyme pre-therapy, followed by what some may believe to be the most uncomfortable part of a facial; steam and extraction to open pores. In my opinion, it’s one of the most cathartic and rewarding parts of a facial – my therapist really works out any visible and difficult to spot blackheads and whiteheads, trailed by another go of the enzyme pre-therapy and hydrogel toner. At this point, I felt a noticeable lightness to the skin.

Next up, a post therapy with cure botanical which also involves a light massage on the face and décolleté – it’s simply blissful and I’m in a nimble slumber, fast. Things get gentle and more relaxing with another few applications of the hydrogel toner breaking up a few other parts of the facial including a mask with cure instant therapy (it also tingles!) with a hand massage, and all is topped off with the application of essential shock intense cream on the eyes and lips as well as the cure sheer cream on the face and décolleté. The treatment ends with a closing touch of aroma nectar. Full circle – only now, my face looks and feels supple with a glow from its newfound confidence.

Facials are a tough one. After the initial day, most results wear off. Not this one – its plumpness and noticeable healthy boost lasts for days and just like that Mandara Spa and Natura Bissé have restored my faith in visiting a spa for a facial and not just doing a half-hearted job of it at home!

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