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FACT’s Angela Beitz discovers a rejuvenating massage that also helps you detox, at the five-star Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas’ exquisite Zen The Spa….

Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas has quickly become a staple in the capital for its fabulous views and excellent dining venues so I thought it was time to visit their spa. Zen The Spa is tucked away in a corner of the hotel and has a calm and serene atmosphere you would expect from any high-end spa. The reception is large and welcoming and the lovely staff talks through me through the treatment carefully, asking about any areas of concern. The décor is a real haven with beige and sand coloured walls with dark timber accents and pops of blue. The spa is large and as I’m ushered to the changing rooms and marvel at the large open space in the middle of the spa with lots of light and greenery. The changing rooms follow the same format and I slip into a cushy robe and slippers for the massage.

I enter the large treatment room which is serene with dark timber and a very calming vibe. I’m trying the Himalayan Pink Stone Healing Massage which is one of the spa’s signature treatments. It makes use of warmed Himalayan Pink Salt Stones that are made of rock crystals of salt found in the Himalayan region. These rock crystals are believed to be the purest salt to be found on earth, full of rich minerals that revitalise the body. The treatment combines the warmed Pink Himalayan Stones with a deep tissue massage, helping you remove toxins and eliminate negative energies from the body. The curative qualities in these stones are known to help reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, calm the nervous system and restore balance of the mind, body and spirit.

The Himalayan Stones are warmed like they are with a hot stone massage except they are slightly rough in texture (due to the salt) so your skin is exfoliated while it’s massaged. The therapist starts on my back and the hot salt stones feel amazing. I’m really in need of a deep tissue massage so this is the perfect fix. The combination of the deep massage and then heated salt stones feels like magic and works out all my aches and kinks. The still warm salt stones are then placed and left on the back whilst the rest of the massage continues. Once the massage is complete, my whole body feels completely rejuvenated – it’s a next level treatment compared to a standard massage and it’s not hard to see why it’s grown in popularity.

I rest in the relaxation area which is stunning and full of natural light, looking outside onto a garden, and sipping a ginger tea. I’d recommended to drink a lot of water afterwards as the salt stones detox your body and you need to rehydrate. I leave the lovely spa feeling totally relaxed, definitely recommended.✤


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