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7 Dubai wellness spaces to help you survive 2023

Where to eat, communicate, meditate and move your way to a healthier, happier you – regardless of what lies ahead.

Take a deep breath in. Now let it out. And discover these wellness spaces in Dubai.


A byword for holistic healing – that’s treating body, mind, and energy/spirit – in the city, Illuminations in JLT has it all: gong meditation, sound therapy, reiki healing, psychic readings and more. Its event schedule is also bursting with free onsite workshops and webinars for those on a budget or simply dipping their toes into alternative healing techniques. Overwhelmed by the offerings and unsure of where to start? Opt for a free 30-minute consultation to get a better sense of which stress-busting and self-development tools are best for you. Looking to cleanse any lingering negative energy at home? The online store stocks everything from obsidian stones to sage bundles and smudge kits to clear away the mustiness of these past two years.

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This café and community space on Al Wasl road rather modestly introduces itself as “just a nice place”, but in reality is so much more. For starters, Paus set out to remedy the notoriously elitist world of wellness, aiming to establish a space that is inviting, inclusive and deliberately slow – and it’s already fostering a sense of community. Recent events have encouraged participants to address heartbreak, get real about body image issues, and let go of unwanted energy in a no-judgement zone. Elsewhere, everything from facial maderotherapy to barre classes and breathwork sessions are on offer so you can both look great and feel grounded and.

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Whether you know it as SEVA or still accidentally refer to it as Life‘n One, this wellness space on Jumeirah Beach Road is a second home for Dubai residents looking to dine on a delicious plant-based meal, seek the guidance of a specialist, connect with fellow community members or simply escape the frenzy of the city. On the calendar here are classes, workshops and private treatments that cater to everything from addiction and trauma to familial misunderstandings. And if you’ve dubbed 2023 the year of personal growth, the upcoming sessions designed around outside-the-box thinking and living a life without limitations may pique your interest. Bonus: both are free.

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The Chiron Clinic

Naturopathy is the name of the game at The Chiron Clinic as it focuses on sustainable health as opposed to illness, making it a great starting point if your New Year’s resolutions entail getting healthy – and staying healthy. The menu of services is an extensive one, so regardless of which approach to medicine you feel most comfortable with (homeopathic, herbal, integrative, conventional, or Chinese), it’s on offer. Based in The Sustainable City, the clinic also boasts therapies that aren’t commonly found across Dubai – think: chelation therapy, colon hydrotherapy and IV therapy. And for those who prefer the energy of a group session, the likes of mat Pilates, yoga for children, and Wim Hof Method workshops are just some of the events to have made an appearance.

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The Hundred Wellness Centre

Also located on Jumeirah Beach Road, The Hundred Wellness Centre was founded by an avid Pilates enthusiast, so of course, the range and calibre of Pilates classes on offer is downright impressive. But that’s just the beginning when it comes to facilities – there’s an infrared sauna providing detoxifying heat therapy, a Body Composition Analyser to help you tailor your lifestyle according to your personal data, and more. It’s also the only place in the country that offers GYROTONIC, a unique fitness technique that combines the principles of yoga, ballet, swimming, t’ai chi and gymnastics to optimise your physical condition. More invested in your mental health? Between life coaching, marriage coaching, and emotion and relationship coaching, you’ll be equipped to better handle just about anything.

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The LightHouse Arabia

The LightHouse Arabia has offered hope, help, and solace to countless people struggling with loss, trauma, infertility, eating disorders, depression, chronic stress, addiction and more, making it a leader institute when it comes to mental health. Most admirable is its efforts to make mental wellness more accessible through affordable services that span emotional well-being check-ups and grief counselling. In fact, turn to its calendar of events and you’ll see support groups that cater to varying ages and concerns – all of them free of charge. The Emotional Health During COVID-19 support group, in particular, has proven essential for obvious reasons. Give it a try the next time the stressors of this ongoing pandemic feel too overwhelming.

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The Workshop

Not every wellness space has to entail a yoga studio or an in-house nutritionist – and The Workshop is proof. This creative space in Jumeirah brings together an art gallery, a cosy café, a gift shop, and workshops that bring both joy and substance to the lives of participants. Past events have covered everything from art therapy techniques and succulent growing to making chemical-free deodorant. The beautiful setting, complete with a lush garden accented with bougainvillea and rustic-style seating, is just the proverbial cherry on top.

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