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FACT takes on IV therapy at Dubai’s quirkiest hotel

FACT’s Editor-in-Chief takes on The Elixir Clinic’s VitaDrip treatment at Extra Hour Spa.

Since bursting onto Dubai’s burgeoning hospitality scene in early 2022, team FACT have become obsessed with the undeniably funky 25hours Hotel One Central.

Subverting expectations when it comes to hospitality, the Bedouin-chic property has attracted an artsy clientele to Dubai’s Trade Centre neighbourhood, who arrive in droves to enjoy destination dining and nefarious nightlife wrapped up in a whole lot of fun.

When not dancing the night away at rooftop hotspot Monkey Bar or enjoying shisha overlooking the Museum of the Future, I’ve been known to escape to the hotel’s sixth-floor wellness sanctuary: Extra Hour Spa.

IV therapy

Located close to the Instagrammable infinity pool (complete with an inflatable dragon), Extra Hour Spa offers a haven of tranquility that veers away from luxe. Instead focusing on quick-fix relaxation for in-house guests and residents on the move. 

Greeted by playful slogans that read “hello handsome” and “hello oasis”, the welcoming space retains the personality of the 25hours brand whilst committing to a somewhat medical spa experience. 

The newest addition to the Extra Hour’s repertoire of treatments and therapies is The Elixir Clinic’s ultra-revitalising Vita Drip infusions. Renowned for replenishing nutrients inside the body, improving mood and energy levels, promoting cognitive function and enhancing overall well-being, these quick-to-administer intravenous treatments have become a global sensation.

Extra Hour Spa

I was admittedly sceptical about the treatments that deliver essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Yet I was converted to the benefits of intravenous therapy within minutes of my consultation with The Elixir Clinic’s in-house doctor. First, a short pre-treatment body test was conducted, in which my hand was scanned in four places to detect the levels of minerals. The test immediately confirms a recent boat of Covid (low iodine levels), my disdain for eating fish (low phosphorus levels) and a shockingly low water intake (hey, I prefer coffee – what can I say?). The Elixir Clinic may be onto something here…

To remedy these deficiencies, rather than give myself silky hair, sumptuous skin or anti-ageing properties, I instead opt for a bespoke VitaDrip concoction to boost the minerals my body has been lacking. 

Hooked up to nasal oxygen for relaxation and three IV bags (one 250ml and two 50ml), my 40-minute road to recovery begins. At first, the sensation is cold as the healing blend of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants seep into my veins. The fully customised mixture has been created based upon my personal readings, and a remedy to help combat lack of sleep (hello insomnia) and alleviate stress is also mixed in. 

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Following the VitaDrip treatment, some users will feel an almost instant boost in health, whilst others (like myself) require more than one session to really harness the effects of this ground-breaking treatment. It’s something that I can see myself continuing with, at least until I can get my mineral levels correctly balanced. 

With nine different VitaDrip infusions offered, guests can quickly recover from a night out or opt to boost overall mood and well-being. The advantage of VitaDrip is that it provides almost 100% absorption into the body, compared to approximately 20% from oral supplements. It is ideal for patients whose food and liquids absorption are limited due to a lack of a balanced diet or mineral deficiencies, working from the inside out to support rejuvenation and overall health.

IV therapy

With its playful reinterpretations of ancient Bedouin traditions and a distinct focus on wellness, the unexpected should be expected at 25hours Hotel One Central’s Extra Hour Spa. With a mixed-use sauna, the popular Akin Barber & Shop and the option to go full-on celeb – like Rihanna and Cara Delevingne – with a VitaDrip tailored to your needs, Extra Hour (as the name suggests) gives guests that little bit of extra time to relax and re-charge.

As the winner of the ‘favourite newcomer’ at the FACT Spa and Wellness Awards UAE 2022, Extra Hour Spa takes the concept of “R&R” to the next level.

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