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A closer look at Chalet Berezka

Partner Content: Here’s everything you need to know about the region’s go-to address for Russian soul, food and culture.

Dubai is a city that the world calls home, leaving diners spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants that pair speciality cuisine with a side of entertainment — and Chalet Berezka is no exception. Located at The Pointe on Palm Jumeirah and dubbed the definitive address for Russian food and culture in the region, it introduces an international audience to a side of the Eurasian country that they’re probably unfamiliar with.

Chalet Berezka

For starters, the menu at Chalet Berezka is rooted in authentic Russian dishes accented with global influences, translating to atypical culinary options. A range of caviar aside, you may start your meal with the likes of forshmak with rye bread and quail egg, holodetz, hummus with Georgian spices, and Vareniki stuffed with potatoes and mushrooms. Over in the mains, the menu features Golubtsy with Beef, Rabbit Pelmeni, Kiev Crab, and Kimchi Kofta Pie, each dish diversifying the palates of Chalet Berezka guests.

Chalet Berezka

Interestingly, a philologist of German descent is at the helm of Chalet Berezka’s kitchen. Evgeny Belogorlov has worked in Greece, Russia, the UK, and the UAE in restaurants such as Rybka, Poekhali, Eshak, and Sass Cafe, explaining why diners journey through Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean before returning to the culinary traditions of the Middle East in one sitting. Belogorlov is adept at Russian cuisine, and draws inspiration from childhood memories of his grandmother’s and mother’s food. But culinary experimentation is only part of Chalet Berezka’s appeal, which becomes evident as the night goes on.

The restaurant is open late (5am to be exact) seven days a week with karaoke, live entertainment, shisha and an extensive beverage selection fuelling the always festive atmosphere. To date, it has played host to performances by a wide array of artists, both Russian and otherwise — rapper Egor Kreed, composer Stephen Ridley, media personality Olga Buzova, singer Valery Meladze, and DJ Smash are just some of the names who have graced the Chalet Berezka stage.

GO: Visit or call 052 156 7405 for reservations and more information.

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