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Are you thinking of giving Dry January a try?

Partner Content: As non-alcoholic concoctions soar in popularity, venues across town are increasingly turning to Lyre’s.

The festive is over and the excuses to indulge – overindulge even – as we enter 2024 have dissipated. As we enter the new year, more and more social drinkers are taking up the Dry January challenge. Here in Dubai, the days of sodas and saccharine mocktails appearing on the last page of a drinks menu are gradually on the way out thanks to Lyre’s.

Non-alcoholic drinks are now Instagrammable, well thought out, and boast complex flavours suited to the adult palate — and it’s all thanks to the likes of Lyre’s. Not only is the brand’s portfolio of premium non-alcoholic spirits capable of crafting 90% of the world’s best-selling cocktails, but it has also won more awards than any of its peers. Here, bar managers across leading venues in town talk us through their non-alcoholic concoctions.


Hidden inside avant garde dining and lifestyle concept Alaya in the heart of DIFC is Dubai’s newest speakeasy-style spot, Ly-La. “Offering a sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktail menu is a testament to the inclusive nature of hospitality, providing a thoughtful and engaging experience for all patrons, regardless of their beverage preferences,” says Cameron Boyd, Bar Manager.

Lyre's at Alaya

Buddha Bar International

With different bar styles and locations around the globe, Buddha Bar takes an international approach to its offering. “I have a privileged point of view on the Bar Industry as I overlook different markets around the globe, each with its own peculiarities and trends,” reflects Francesco Galdi, Corporate Beverage Manager. “A common factor of all markets is the pursuit and thirst for low- and no-alcohol options. The latter is an unmissable window to unlock untapped revenue; products like Lyre’s are giving bartenders the perfect canvas on which to paint flavours and create bold experiments that were unthinkable just a few years ago.”

Lyre's at Buddha Bar

Clap Dubai

Clap is a chic restaurant specialising in upscale Japanese dishes, plus craft cocktails featuring Lyre’s creations. “Our non-alcoholic cocktail programme is as refined and captivating as a classic cocktail,” says Bar Manager Lilian Sausset. “We provide our customers with an alternative and unique experience by featuring the Lyre’s range of products. Its distinct flavours add a memorable touch to our non-alcoholic cocktails, offering an unparalleled experience.”

Clap Dubai


At COYA Dubai, the drinks are more than just beverages – they’re a crafted experience. Bar Manager Samy Rathnayake says that “from the careful techniques and quality ingredients to the perfect glassware, garnish and the ice, every detail matters. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic options. Each sip is a simple yet remarkable moment that reflects our dedication to quality.”

COYA Dubai

Dream Dubai

Aram Aslanian, Bar Manager of Dream Dubai, believes it’s important to have non-alcoholic offerings on any menu. “We understand the different reasons for our customers to consume a non-alcoholic drink. With Lyre’s, we can elevate the non-alcoholic game, offering a wide selection of quality drinks that are more sophisticated than just juice and syrup mocktails.”

Eid al-Fitr long weekend

Grosvenor House

Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dubai, elevates the non-alcoholic cocktail experience to an art form. Its award-winning venues – coupled with the talent behind its bars and unwavering pursuit of perfection – redefine the boundaries of beverage enjoyment. “Recognising the growing desire for healthier alternatives and the need to cater to those who prefer non-alcoholic options, we have meticulously crafted a beverage menu that transcends the ordinary,” says Giacomo Vezzo, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage. 

Grosvenor House Dubai

Jumeirah al Naseem

The bartenders at this venue work hard mixing up classic cocktails, but also crafting a diverse range of non-alcoholic concoctions that are just as enticing and flavourful. Venue Manager Kumar Chaulagai reveals some of his favourites that span the refreshing Cusco75, the elegant Pink Lady, the invigorating Wake Me, and the sophisticated Zero Spritz. 

“Each non-alcoholic cocktail is meticulously crafted to deliver a premium drinking experience,” he says. “Our commitment to quality extends beyond the beverages themselves, as we use the finest glassware to serve our non-alcoholic cocktails, ensuring that every guest feels like a valued part of the bar culture. We are grateful for our partnership with Lyre’s, whose wide range of non-alcoholic spirits has allowed us to push the boundaries of what’s possible with non-alcoholic mixology.”


Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Siddhant Christopher Beni Prasad, Bar Manager at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, loves Lyre’s because he says it allows him to create complex cocktails without the alcohol. “Lyre’s is a compelling addition to our menu as a sophisticated, non-alcoholic alternative catering to diverse clientele. It promotes inclusivity and aligns with the health-conscious trend. The best part about Lyre’s is its complex flavour profile, helping to match the taste of a classic cocktail without any alcohol. This creates a great experience for non-alcoholic beverage enthusiasts.”


Hookah Place

Hookah Place, Dubai’s premium shisha and drinks lounge, caters to those seeking a sophisticated drinking experience. “We curated a sophisticated bar menu and featured non-alcoholic signature cocktails alongside timeless classics,” reveals Manager Andrey Bolshakov. “All our guests can be sure that they can have a good time at Hookah Place and get a high-level drinking experience. The quality of the Lyre’s allows us to prepare drinks that can replace alcoholic cocktails for those who choose not to drink. We offer the most unique combinations, unforgettable taste, and unquestionable quality.” 

Hookah Place

Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa

Stefan David Gordon, Food and Beverage Manager at Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, acknowledges that the landscape of non-alcoholic beverages has undergone a transformative evolution. He says, “We recognise the growing demand for sophisticated and flavourful options catering to individuals who abstain for personal reasons, like prioritising their well-being, or simply seeking a more elevated dining experience. Gone are the days of sugary sodas and juice boxes. Today, a new generation of non-alcoholic beverages boasts exceptional quality and craftsmanship, meticulously crafted to tantalise the most discerning palate. These innovative concoctions offer the perfect culinary companion, elevating every occasion without compromising on the enjoyment of a social gathering. We are dedicated to providing our guests with a truly inclusive and unforgettable culinary experience.” 



SUSHISAMBA sets the bar in hospitality, catering equally to all guests in a city as diverse as Dubai. “We know not everyone drinks alcohol, so we offer a selection of well-crafted non-alcoholic cocktails to ensure all guests can enjoy a thoughtfully prepared beverage,” says Manager Iris Arely Ruano. “We carefully select the best quality ingredients for our non-alcoholic cocktails to provide an alternative that allows people to enjoy a flavourful and satisfying drink without the effects of alcohol. This creates a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.”

Sushisamba Dubai


Located in the DIFC, Japanese restaurant Zuma serves up sushi, sake and more, complemented by Lyre’s non-alcoholic offering. Bar Manager Stefan Bauer loves Lyre’s because its non-alcoholic cocktails allow non-drinking customers to indulge in a premium drinking experience without compromising on taste or quality. “By offering a diverse range of non-alcoholic cocktails at Zuma Dubai, we are promoting inclusivity and ensuring that every guest feels welcome and catered to, regardless of their choice to consume alcohol or not,” he says.

Zuma Dubai

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