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Discover the joy of sober sipping at COYA’s new 0.0% Cocktail Brunch

Partner Content: Discover a new way to brunch while savouring Peruvian bites.

Brunching in the UAE is practically a sport. From lavish spreads to Instagram-worthy settings, brunches are known to be the ultimate gathering place to dine on delicious food and sip on creative cocktails. However, non-drinkers have always had limited options when it comes to enjoying colourful concoctions, which is why COYA has come to the rescue. Adding a twist to the brunch scene, COYA has unveiled its 0.0% Cocktail Brunch with Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic.

“We’ve noticed a significant move towards non-alcoholic alternatives that go beyond traditional mixed sugary fruit juices,” shared Sany Bacsi, COYA’s Global Bar Manager. “Our dedication to craft premium, alcohol and guilt-free cocktails is unwavering, and we remain committed to offering them with the highest quality ingredients.”

Cocktail Brunch

With the 0.0% Cocktail Brunch, COYA is changing the game. By introducing a lineup of six signature non-alcoholic cocktails, diners can now enjoy an elevated brunch experience complemented by the restaurant’s Peruvian cuisine. Head of Mixology at COYA, Gregoire Schnerb, is the brains behind these six non-alcoholic drinks. Covering all four basics: short, long, spritz and martinis, each concoction uses the finest ingredients.

As part of this brunch offering, diners can choose between the Blossom Spritz, made with 0.0% Dry Vermouth and Lyre’s Classico non-alcoholic sparkling, or the Palomita, a Mexican-inspired creation with sweet, sour, and salty notes. Other beverages in the selection include the Scarlet, featuring Lyre’s Italian Spritz and pomegranate, and the 0.0% Espresso Martini.

Cocktail Brunch

Karl Fielding, Vice President of Middle East at Lyre’s, is also excited about the partnership between the brand and COYA. “By pioneering this non-alcoholic cocktail brunch offering, COYA is celebrating inclusivity and will delight their customers, who don’t imbibe, with their innovative cocktails using the Lyre’s range.”

So, if you’re someone who still wants to experience a top-notch brunch or are looking to change your way of life by adopting a no-drinking policy, COYA’s 0.0% Cocktail Brunch is the perfect choice. Available at both — COYA Dubai and at COYA Abu Dhabi’s family brunch, priced at AED 490 per person.

GO: Visit https://coyarestaurant.com for reservations and more information.

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