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Four fantastic reasons to spend the summer at URLA Dubai

Partner Content: Enhanced by an outdoor floor cooling system, the FACT Award-winning URLA Dubai is the ideal spot to beat the heat this summer. 

Dubai is known for its exceptional dining scene, consistently pushing boundaries with its inventive approach. At the forefront of this culinary landscape is URLA Dubai, a standout destination that serves exquisite Aegean cuisine while prioritising the comfort and satisfaction of its guests. To combat the rising temperatures and capture those stunning Burj Khalifa views, URLA boasts an outdoor cooling system designed to enhance the dining experience by maintaining a refreshing temperature, even in the scorching heat. Yet, there is more than one reason to visit this fantastic restaurant. In fact, we can think of four.

A dreamy setting

URLA Dubai exudes an atmosphere of sophistication and intimacy, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable marriage proposal. Its elegant interior, tastefully embellished with Aegean accents, sets the stage for a romantic and unforgettable occasion. The soft lighting and breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa foster a romantic ambience that will leave an indelible impression on you and your partner.

URLA Dubai

Immerse yourself in art

URLA Dubai seamlessly merges the art of gastronomy with visual art, creating an immersive experience. As you step into URLA Dubai, you will be enveloped by an ambience that exudes artistic charm. The entrance showcases Dorit Levinstein’s original hand-painted aluminium sculpture, “The Beatles,” and Chiara de Rocchi’s “Don’t be Afraid” an Insta-worthy masterpiece set against the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa. Taking pride of place.on the terrace, the hypnotic ‘Tree of Lights‘ is a stunning installation transported from the Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock desert to Dubai. This one-of-a-kind creation serves as a captivating centrepiece, responding to the ambient beats with a mesmerising interplay of 16 million colours.

URLA Dubai

Alfresco dining

URLA Dubai offers an idyllic environment for open-air dining, where lush trees and vibrant flowers form a picturesque backdrop for a memorable culinary experience. Whether it’s a romantic dinner beneath the majestic Burj Khalifa or a leisurely lunch with family and friends, the outdoor dining area invites guests to relish culinary delights while immersing themselves in the serenity of URLA’s rooftop locale.

URLA Dubai

The art of paella

The live paella cooking section showcases URLA Dubai’s commitment to offering a truly immersive dining experience. Witness the skilled chefs preparing the popular Spanish dish, accompanied by the alluring aromas that fill the air. The interactive cooking section seamlessly blends the art of gastronomy with entertainment, engaging guests in a delightful culinary spectacle. As diners savour the flavours of the freshly cooked paella, they will embark on a sensory journey that pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of Spain.

URLA Dubai

GO: Visit or call 052 554 5997 for reservations and more information.

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