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How Tipper technology provides new opportunities to the restaurant industry

Partner Content: Meet the digital tipping platform that allows guests to thank restaurant staff in a safe and cashless way. 

Society has become used to how things are changing all the time, whether we want it to or not. At the same time, digitalisation has brought more comfort into our lives because it’s convenient, fast, and efficient. A particular advantage of digitisation is felt by large companies from various business areas.

As mentioned on EHL Insights, in today’s world, contactless technology is going mainstream, and it’s not just about placing an order online or paying through a device. It is also about using technology to control your business. This trend is especially evident in the modern restaurant industry.

But why is it essential to add technology to the restaurant business? In addition to other benefits, a professional digital service can help motivate employees, keep things in order and manage guests satisfaction. All of these elements combined can surely bring success to a restaurant business.


New payment technologies have been gaining momentum within the food chains, and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. So, since most guests use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, the tech-centric trend has become a part of business development.

Knowing the needs of guests, employees and the terms of business development, experts have created convenient systems that can help everyone involved. A prime example is Tipper – a digital tipping platform that allows guests to thank restaurant staff in a cashless, safe way. You don’t need to download an app, because Tipper is a pop-up web page that will prompt guests to tip an employee using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or a credit/debit card. With Tipper, a guest can also leave feedback about the restaurant in the form of a detailed review, pointing out the pros and cons.

With Tipper’s account, the restaurant owner can track employees’ performance and keep them motivated with increased income through tips. Tipper makes it easy by providing the restaurant manager with personal messages, emails, and handy advice on how their employees can improve their professional skills. 


Another important function of Tipper is the ability to track all areas of business. This service can help with receiving valuable feedback in the fastest way so that owners can understand the strengths and limitations of their business. When receiving feedback quickly, an owner can react and solve any potential problem rapidly. That way, a guest understands that their opinion is valuable and will appreciate the effort.

You can easily level up your restaurant business in today’s world by integrating technology into your work. A service like Tipper can benefit businesses, fulfilling the needs of all parties involved.

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