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Turkish cuisine has a trendy new address in Dubai

Partner Content: Blending elements of the traditional with the contemporary, Bebek serves Turkish flavours with a global culinary twist.

It’s not every day that dining out translates into an assault on the senses, but that’s exactly why Bebek is no ordinary Turkish restaurant. For starters, it’s reminiscent of a 70s disco, complete with flashy lighting, retro-glam seating, mirrored ceilings, Art Deco accents, and a colour palette that’s just plain groovy. Incidentally, this trendy new restaurant recently debuted in a two-storey villa on Jumeirah Road, and it’s already a hotspot in the making. And while Bebek stays true to Turkey’s vibrant culinary traditions, it’s rooted in Dubai’s multicultural tapestry thanks to its founder, Latif Kural.

“My journey spans over 22 years in Dubai, where I’ve contributed to various restaurants as a manager and food and beverage director,” he says. “Dubai has been my nurturing ground, where I’ve grown and flourished. I owe a debt of gratitude to this nation that welcomed me with open arms. My aspiration to give back and serve as a bridge between my own cultural heritage and the heart of this global city is an inspiring challenge and a grand dream. Join me on this exciting journey at Bebek, where each dish is an ode to tradition and a step towards shaping Dubai’s gastronomic legacy.”

Bebek Dubai

The name Bebek, he says, is significant. “Translating to ‘baby’ in Turkish, Bebek is our first baby and first branch in Dubai. It also evokes the charm of the popular Bosphorus area in Istanbul. For me, Bebek signifies a new beginning, a precious venture where I can channel my years of experience, cultural roots, boundless hospitality, and aspirations. Bebek isn’t just another endeavour; it’s the culmination of my dreams.” And it’s head chef Ibrahim Sakici, also from Turkey, who joins Kural on this new venture. 

From Turkish classics to innovative international fusion dishes, he has been tasked with whipping up a symphony of flavours that collectively bewitch the palate. His signature, the secret spices of the beloved Adana Kebab, is a testament to his culinary prowess, a journey that began within protocol kitchens and now flourishes at Bebek. More broadly, the menu reflects Bebek’s global outlook. Here, the likes of doner sandwiches and cig kofte stand alongside sushi rolls, bruschetta, and burgers — all manner of palates are welcome and catered to. 

Bebek Dubai

In fact, one of the restaurant’s signature dishes is the Bebek Burger that unexpectedly features potato sticks and guacamole. The ingenuity continues into dishes like the Bebek Calsone Pizza, which challenges the traditional notion of a calzone by way of cherries and camembert cheese. Purists, meanwhile, ought to give the signature Lamb Rack and Lamb Skewers a try — the Turks have mastered the art of cooking lamb, after all.

Also true to the way of life in Turkey? Breakfast at Bebek. Whether you order the Classic or the more decadent Serpme version, a spread of mezzes like olives, feta cheese, cecil cheese, beef salami, honey and kaymak, and more. And because it’s a leisurely affair, breakfast is served until 3pm on weekdays and weekends alike. Going from day to night, the unique shisha offerings are just as popular. It’s no ordinary selection, either — the bases alone are as glamorous as the shisha lounge. Additionally, a ‘shisha sommelier’ is on hand for those interested in the premium selection. DJs and dry ice mocktails, meanwhile, round off the nightlife scene at Bebek.

Bebek Baklava

Celebrating their arrival on Dubai’s dining scene, Kural and his team are hosting a range of promotions, and there’s someone for everyone. With a minimum spend of AED 100, Ladies’ Night offers complimentary shisha to the fairer sex every Monday. And taking weekday lunches up a notch is the Business Lunch offer that invites diners to indulge in Bebek’s chef-curated menu, which changes monthly, for AED 150 (or AED 200 with shisha).

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