Baseball United brings a professional league to Dubai

The event takes place in November and includes post-game concerts.

Baseball fans, we’ve got some slam home run-worthy news. The Middle East’s first professional baseball league, Baseball United, is coming to Dubai. Running from 10 to 12 November, the event will take place at Dubai International Stadium in Sports City. Plus, there will be concerts at the end of each game. 

The Baseball United fixtures include Karachi Monarchs Vs. Mumbai Cobras on 10 November; Abu Dhabi Falcons Vs. Karachi Monarchs on 11 November; Dubai Wolves Vs. Mumbai Cobras on 11 November; and Abu Dhabi Falcons Vs. Dubai Wolves on 12 November.

Baseball United’s concerts will be announced in September. So far, we know that they will begin 45 minutes after the game. Visitors with tickets to the games can watch the concerts for free. Plus, there will be opening and closing ceremonies to celebrate the event.

Baseball United President, CEO and majority owner, Kash Shaikh, explained: “Mumbai versus Karachi might be the most epic way to open any sports league. When teams from those two nations compete in cricket, nearly 500 million people watch. If we can inspire even a small fraction of that viewership, it will be an incredible stage for baseball in the region.

“Everyone who attends will become a part of history, as we bring professional baseball here to the Middle East and South Asia for the first time. Tickets will go on sale soon, and I really encourage all baseball and sports fans to join us for a great experience.”

At Baseball United in Dubai, there will also be sports, music and food activations. Vendors will provide merchandise, so you can get your game on.

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