Watch DJ Khaled’s new Sun & Sand Sports campaign

Shot in Dubai, the #CommitToNothing video sees the rapper offer a fun motivational message.

If you dream of being the Michael Jordan of [insert sport here], Sun & Sand Sports and DJ Khaled share that it’s okay to try and fail. The Middle Eastern sports retailer has unveiled an unexpected brand ambassador: the American producer and rapper, who is best known for his songs rather than sportsmanship.

The new #CommitToNothing campaign has been filmed in the UAE, and opens with a glorious shot of Dubai’s iconic skyline. During the video, Sun & Sand Sports and DJ Khaled encourage people to diversify their interest in sports. “They say the key to success is committing to one thing. But they don’t hold all the keys. But I do” he declares. 

The video follows DJ Khaled as he tries his hand at different sporting activities in Dubai. He is seen trekking through the desert, scuba diving in the sea and getting ready to sky dive over Palm Jumeirah – the latter of which he stops and shouts, “no way’. 

Since many of us will be starting new year exercises or diets, this encourages people to have fun while playing sports. Plus, the campaign offers a tongue-in-cheek spin on motivational quotes. He states “become anything you want, be like water, coconut water” and “try everything at least once, maximum thrice”. 

Sun & Sand Sports and DJ Khaled

Mohamed Bodiat, Senior Vice President Brands – Sports at GMG, explains: “Over the years, Sun & Sand Sports has evolved from focusing on pure performance to a brand that makes sports fun for everyone. With that in mind, we want our campaign to be a catalyst that inspires our community to try everything. This, combined with DJ Khaled’s ability to resonate with the youth, is what led us to believe that he truly embodies the spirit of the brand as we continue our journey towards making sports #FunToTheFinish.” 

DJ Khaled, thanks for the reminding us that it’s the taking part that counts. 

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