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Enjoy thrilling augmented reality go-karting at Chaos Karts in Dubai

Here’s how to embrace your inner Lewis Hamilton.

If driving down Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road gets you frustrated, give Chaos Karts a spin. The new go-karting experience is opening in Dubai, and promises to be an adventurous day out.  

Chaos Karts in Dubai is scheduled to open from 1 September. The experience uses state-of-the-art technology and augmented reality, which recreates a video game experience. Drivers will ride around a projected track, and battle it out to become the winner. 

Although we don’t yet know the exact location of the attraction, we do know that Chaos Karts in Dubai lets you embrace your competitive streak. The player with the most points wins the race, and the player who wins the most races wins the tournament. Players gain points by collecting jewels or using power ups, which range from a laser gun to a speed boost. 

If Chaos Karts in London and Manchester are anything to go by, visitors will be able to drive up to 20 miles per hour. There will be no need for headsets, and projections will be visible with your own eyes. Plus, there will also be no need to wear helmets or a driving suit.

Anti-collision technology is built into the karts, and sensors in the room and kart project obstacles in real-time. So, just put your foot on the pedal and get your Ready Player One game on.

Chaos Karts founder, Tom Lionetti-Maguire, is a pioneer in immersive entertainment. He was the brains behind the Crystal Maze Experience, which recreated the popular TV show, The Crystal Maze.

Tom explains: “Creating a real-life version of a videogame has been an obsession for some time, and we are delighted to have cracked it. The gamification of experiences is a phenomenon that is here to stay, and this is the purest distillation of it. It’s a game and an experience, wrapped up in a whole load of silliness, with a sprinkling of nostalgia for good measure. Chaos Karts is a gamer-changer.”

Road rage is optional.

GO: Visit for more information.

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