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Inside Burj Al Arab: Dubai’s one-of-a-kind immersive hotel tour

Tickets are now on sale for Inside Burj Al Arab, the brand-new hotel tour that takes visitors on a butler-guided journey through the luxurious hotel.

For the first time in its 21-year history, visitors can now get a glimpse inside the luxurious surrounds of Burj Al Arab without committing to an overnight stay. The brand-new hotel tour, Inside Burj Al Arab, provides a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, unlocking prestigious and inaccessible spaces inside the hotel.

On Friday, 15 October 2021, the tour opens to the public with tickets starting from AED 399 per person. So naturally, FACT have already been in for a sneak peek of Dubai’s latest must-visit attraction.

inside burj al arab

The experience begins at the Inside Burj Al Arab welcome centre, situated close to the entrance of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Here we are loaded into chic buggies and shuttled past Wild Wadi Waterpark and onto the 350-meter bridge that connects to the offshore island upon which the hotel sits. As the iconic facade of the hotel appears like the sail of a traditional dhow, we are filled with a sense of awe as we take in the marvellous structure complete with a cantilevered helipad. 

There’s an excitement to visiting one of the worlds most prestigious addresses. As we sweep past customised Rolls-Royce motor cars and into a private entrance, we are thankful that the Inside Burj Al Arab tour has been curated for only 12 visitors at a time. The small group size allows for an intimate hotel tour that enables us to experience Jumeirah Groups next level of hospitality. Taking us from the golden-gilded lobby replete with fishtanks to the dancing fountains that flank the atrium. 

inside burj al arab

The atrium is a marvel in itself, decked out in rainbow coloured hues and clocking in at a sizeable 180 meters in height. It is one of the tallest in the world. We soon find ourselves ascending to the atriums summit in a glass elevator, passing the floating swimming pool (which was assembled in six segments back in 2016) in a journey that takes a mere 47 seconds to reach the hotel’s 25th floor.

Greeted with spectacular views from Palm Jumeirah to Burj Khalifa, few vantage points in the city can beat Burj Al Arab, but being a working hotel, the pace of the tour is fast, and we soon arrive at the Royal Suite. Greeted by a charismatic private butler, we’re ushered into an opulent two-storey accommodation that Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner have all called home. Leopard print carpeting lines the stairways in the entrance hall, while 24 karat gold adorns the ceilings and walls. There’s even a private elevator! 

inside burj al arab

The tour of the Royal Suite whisks us through a pink majlis, ornate dining room, a whimsical library and into a golden bathroom where a signature Hermes-scented bubble bath awaits. The sheer grandeur on display is mesmerising as we enter into a bedroom with a mirrored ceiling and decadent wallpaper, into which ladybirds have been hand-stitched in gold thread.

Visitors will likely need a few minutes to absorb the exclusive spaces as they roam at leisure past a rotating bed, self-opening WC, yellow marble stonework and curtains that cost 3000 USD per square meter (FYI, there are 15 square meters of them)!

inside burj al arab

In addition to exploring the hotel atrium and the Royal Suite, visitors to Inside Burj Al Arab also get to relive history through digital displays inside the curated Experience Suite. Here they will see where it all started, taking in detailed designs from the original architect while journeying through the story of Dubai and Jumeirah, with interactive augmented reality displays. There is also the chance to revisit some of the awe-inspiring events, sporting feats and cultural moments hosted at Burj Al Arab, including the decks from David Guetta’s spectacular United at Home lockdown performance earlier this year.

The experience culminates in the boutique, where you can purchase handcrafted chocolates, jewellery, and other Burj Al Arab branded merchandise. If you’re feeling particularly boujee, you can even procure the rose scent found throughout the hotel so that you can make your home smell just like the luxurious Burj Al Arab! 

A must-visit at the end of the tour is the outdoor lounge UMA. Providing an exceptional setting for visitors to take in the shimmering views of the Arabian Gulf while indulging in world-class delicacies and mixology.

inside burj al arab

Inside Burj Al Arab is available daily from 9.30am to 8.30pm, with butler-guided tours setting off every 15 minutes. Tickets start at AED 399 per person, with the option to add a series of signature experiences, including the hotel’s 24-carat Ultimate Gold Cappuccino or signature afternoon tea at Sahn Eddar.

GO: Visit for reservations and more information.

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