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Meet The Dubai Matchmaker changing the dating scene

The matchmaking service and singles’ nights are aimed at the lonely hearts of Dubai.

It’s a crowded Tuesday night. I’m standing in a bar with forty of Dubai’s most eligible single men and women, and Christiana Maxion, aka The Dubai Matchmaker, is ready to play Cupid.

Christiana has launched The Dubai Matchmaker, which is on a noble mission: to help singles in Dubai find love. She is behind the first legal dating service of its kind in Dubai, which has been created in compliance with UAE laws. So, if you have #relationshipgoals, Christiana has the tools – a database of bachelors and bachelorettes, and brand-new singles’ nights.

The Dubai Matchmaker’s services

Matchmaking services are by no means new. Whether you’re intrigued by how Beverley Hills’ rich gets coupled up in The Millionaire Matchmaker or how South Asians put a ring on it in Netflix’s Indian Matchmaker, every culture has its own matchmaker. There’s even a whole song and dance devoted to the Jewish process in Fiddler on the Roof – “matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match”.

Christiana is a New Yorker who has lived in Dubai for the last six years. “My Dubai story is common: I came to the UAE because of a relationship. We met in New York and after a year of long distance, I moved over. The relationship ended quite quickly, and some people might say the UAE is where relationships come to die,” she laughs. “After the breakup, I decided to stay and further my career.” 

It was Christiana’s dating disasters, which were shared on her Instagram account (@christiana.maxion.matchmaker), that got the attention of singles in Dubai. After noticing a gap in the market, she decided it was time to help the lonely hearts of Dubai. 

Christiana explains: “Dubai is such an inspirational place, but the dating scene has a negative reputation. My mission is to rewrite the blueprint of the Dubai dating-verse, one match at a time. I truly believe that there are so many quality people in Dubai, but they’re just missing one another and I want to be the bridge that connects them.” 

The Dubai Matchmaker database contains 180 people and counting, and covers singles from all kinds of backgrounds. Christiana acts as a dating concierge, and each personal profile is treated with discretion.

When you create your profile, you are asked questions, ranging from your deal breakers to your personal preferences. So, whether you want someone with a GSOH or a full head of hair – yes, it goes into that level of detail – you can say what turns you on. 

If there is a suitable match, you will be told the individual’s first name (no surnames means no Googling). The meeting is set up and there are a few first date rules, including no exchanging of numbers. So, if they’re not The One, you don’t have to worry about sending the “thanks, but no thanks” message. Christiana will take care of it for you, as she’s a cross between your ultimate hype man and BFF.

Plus, if you want to be at your dating best, there is an empowered dating coaching program, a one-on-one expert dating coaching session and access to services from personal trainers to a health detox. 

The Dubai Matchmaker’s singles’ nights

If you’re a serial swiper and disillusioned by dating in Dubai, lookout for The Dubai Matchmaker’s singles’ nights. Christiana opens her little black book and all the single ladies and men, who range from lawyers to entrepreneurs, join an elevated dating experience. 

When I join Sober Single Mingle, the launch event created in partnership with the alcohol-free company Drink Dry, it’s less speed dating and more romantic networking. We are put into small groups and given conversation prompts as well as games. So, you stop asking Cilla Black’s “what’s your name and where d’ya come from?” – as questions on age, nationality and jobs are banned – and start talking about your hobbies as well as outlook. 

As the singles’ night draws to an end, there’s been smiles, flirtations and no PDA (obviously). Even though I don’t swap details with men, I do make new female friends. While love might not be in the air just yet, there is an overwhelming sense of hope, as everyone is surprised to find that impressive singles actually exist in Dubai. 

Christiana is clearly optimistic about love. Throughout the event, she keeps the energy levels high and observes all of the social interactions. She reflects: “The guests ranged from 25 to 52 years old, and included all professions. I made sure that we had an equal number of men and women to allow for people to meet a potential partner. People even stayed past the end to continue mingling. Numbers were exchanged, and I was contacted to assist in connecting couples.”

She concludes: “My favourite success stories include the matches where both or one of the parties might be hesitant to go on the date. I convince them to trust the matchmaking process, and the two hit it off. Now there are happy couples running around Dubai, which were connected by our services.”

If this sounds like an event after your own heart, the next singles’ night takes place on Wednesday 21st September from 7pm at Intersect by Lexus in DIFC. Let’s hope Christiana’s arrows continue to fly.

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