16 Maldivian islands that are just a hop away from Dubai

Buy one ticket and explore all of Maldives.

The Maldives is the ultimate chill-out spot for an extended weekend getaway — especially from Dubai. Imagine sipping on your favourite drink, lounging in a private villa, and soaking in those stunning sea views. Pure bliss, right? Thanks to Emirates, getting to Maldives just got a whole lot easier. Now, you can explore 16 Maldivian islands on a single Emirates ticket.

This partnership is your ticket to island-hopping heaven. When you touch down in the Maldives, you can hop on a domestic flight to one of 16 islands without breaking a sweat, and they’ll take care of your luggage and check-in. No hassle, just pure relaxation.

Dharavandhoo Island

This place is a total underwater wonderland. With the famous Dharavandhoo Thila and Hanifaru Bay – a key UNESCO biosphere reserve — it’s a diver’s paradise. You’ll spot whale sharks and manta rays while you’re here. The Bikini beach is a whole vibe – sunbeds, hammocks, swings, umbrellas, you name it. Expect schools of fish, rays, turtles, and reef sharks as they’re all part of the party. A snorkelling trip is a must-do here.


Dive into the amazing world of Fares-Maathoda, two islands that decided to become one back in the 90s. These islands in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll are all about fishing. You’ll spot fishermen bringing in the catch of the day, and they’re into farming too. Expect to find lots of bananas, papayas and coconuts. The tiny, uninhabited islands nearby have a lot to offer such as snorkelling, catching some rays, doing beachside fishing, and even firing up your own BBQ.

Maldivian islands


Embark on a wild adventure at Funadhoo, one of Northern Maldives’ grandest islands. The lagoon area here, known locally as Dhahfalhu, is a thriving mangrove paradise. With natural mangrove forests for as far as the eye can see, this place boasts a community of wildlife. Here, you’ll encounter mud crabs, mangrove snails, hermit crabs, mangrove crabs, and a symphony of migratory birds. It’s a true marvel of nature waiting to be explored.

Fuvahmulah Island

Fuvahmulah, the third-largest island in the Maldives, has several historic spots to check out. First up is the Fua Mulaku Havitta, an ancient Buddhist stupa that’s been through changes over time and now looks like a small hill, standing 40 feet tall. Next up is the Gen Miskit, the island’s oldest mosque, dating back to around 1300. It’s made of coral stone and has a peaceful compound with an old graveyard and a well. If you don’t want to explore history, Fuvahmulah’s got all sorts of habitats to enjoy, from lush tropical woodlands to beautiful beaches.

Maldivian islands

Gan Island

Gan, the second-largest island after Hithadhoo in the atoll, has a bit of everything. It used to be a hub for growing yams and coconut trees but now, it’s all about the tropical rainforest vibes with heavy rainfall year-round. But here’s the deal: during any boat trip, you’re almost guaranteed to catch a glimpse of playful dolphins. And don’t miss the Addu Nature Park – a paradise for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. You can explore it on bikes, golf carts, or on foot if you’re feeling adventurous. Plus, if you’re into fishing, there are sunrise and sunset options to reel in a big one.

Hanimaadhoo Island

Hanimaadhoo, up in the northern tip of the Maldives, has everything you’d want — stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a whole underwater world to explore. Head here to unwind, go scuba diving, and snorkel like a pro. But this place is not just about the scenery, it’s a hub of traditional Maldivian culture and warm hospitality. You can chow down on local eats, groove to the island beats, and even visit cool spots like the Hanimaadhoo Cemetery, rumoured to have been around since the 14th century.

Maldivian islands


Hoarafushi is home to the mighty frigate bird which rules the skies here, and also has gigantic Pisonia trees. Legendary poets once called this place home, and it’s a hub for poetry, music, and literature. Creativity and innovation run deep in these islanders’ veins. Hoarafushi also has a great marine life, with turtles, rays, and a rainbow of fish partying around the reef.


Tucked away in Raa Atoll, this place has been the Maldives’ best-kept secret. With views of the most breathtaking sunsets, Ifuru is as beautiful as it gets. The airport doesn’t only allow you to explore this heaven on earth but also embark on a skydiving adventure above the seas. Surrounded by the bluest waters and lush greenery, this place is like a dreamy backdrop for your epic escape.

Ifuru Maldives

Kaadedhdhoo Island

This little paradise sits in the Southern Huvadhu Atoll, part of Gaafu Dhaalu. Kaadedhdhoo is located about 340km down south from the big shot, Male. It’s an uninhabited island, but once you’re here, the fun never stops. You can get your adrenaline pumping with water skiing, parasailing, sea kayaking, snorkelling, and even some tube rides on the beautiful waters.

Kadhdhoo Island

Kadhdhoo is all about stunning barrier reefs. You’ll find plenty of tiny islands along its eastern and southern edges, making this place a beach and surfing lover’s dream. Speaking of beaches, they’re pristine with nearby resorts offering a perfect time to relax with family and friends. And if you’re into a bit of history, you can stumble upon ancient Buddhist relics like Dhanbidho, Mundoo, Gan, and Isdhoo.

Kadhdhoo Island

Kooddoo Island

Situated on the northeast edge of Huvadhu Atoll, Kooddoo has got quite a lot going on. Here, you’ll find a canning factory, an icing factory, some nice restaurants and to top it off, it’s connected to Villingili and Raaverrehaa islands through a snazzy causeway. Pretty cool, right? So, if you’re looking for a bit of everything, Kooddoo’s got you covered.


Kulhudhuffushi, also known as the “Heart of the North”, gets its name from the lush mangroves that surround it. But it’s not just about nature; it’s a hub of unity and hard work. Back in the day, the people here were known for their bravery in defending the nation during wars. Fast forward to today, they’re still famous, but this time it’s for shark fishing, blacksmith skills, making coir rope, crafting boats, and sailing on cargo vessels.



Maafaru, the Turtle Island, is a natural turtle habitat, a breeding ground, and a seagrass buffet that these creatures can’t resist. Thanks to the perfect conditions of the Maafaru reef system, it’s one of the best spots to catch them doing their thing. But there’s more. Maafaru’s got the classic Maldivian charm – white sandy beaches for lounging, a stunning blue lagoon for swimming, and a long reef begging for some snorkelling action.


This place is a paradise for adventure seekers. Think epic diving spots, stunning natural beauty, and some rad surf spots that draw tourists all year long. And guess what? There’s a hidden gem called NotiKora Nature Reserve right here, waiting for you to discover its secrets.

Maldivian islands


Nestled in the gorgeous Lhaviyani Atoll, this place is a buzzing hotspot in the Maldives. Whether you’re into private beach picnics, snorkelling amidst mesmerising coral reefs, or just lazing around at a fancy resort, Madivaru Island has your serenity and romance cravings sorted. Think world-class spa treatments, mind-blowing sunsets, and a slice of exotic paradise with all the luxurious perks and natural beauty you can imagine. There’s also an underwater wonderland, perfect for snorkelling and deep-sea fishing with crystal-clear waters. The sunsets here are out of a romance novel too, with shades of orange and pink.


Located in Thaa Atoll, Thimarafushi is all about culture, tradition, and jaw-dropping views. The locals here are into fishing, and if you’re a fishing fan, you’ve hit the jackpot. With cosy guest houses, pristine white beaches, a postcard-perfect lagoon, and a sea full of wonders, this place is perfect for flying solo, on a romantic honeymoon, or enjoying a family getaway.

Maldivian islands

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