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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Full match schedule and kick off times

Get your game on – your FIFA World Cup fixtures, sorted. 

It’s all kicking off – the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is finally here. As Qatar welcomes thousands of visitors and fan zones pop-up across the Middle East, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a prime position to watch the game – we’re not judging if that’s your living room. 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022’s group stages run from 20 November to 2 December. The second round of 16 runs from 3 to 6 December. The quarter finals run from 9 to 10 December. The semi-finals run from 13 to 14 December. The third-place match takes place on 17 December. Finally, the grand final takes place on 18 December. 

Note: all of the times below are in Qatar’s GMT+3 time zone, which is in the same time zone as Saudi Arabia and one hour behind the UAE. 

Here are the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fixtures.  

Group stages:

Sunday 20 November 

Qatar v Ecuador – 7pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Group A)

Monday 21 November

England v Iran – 4pm, Khalifa International Stadium (Group B)

Senegal v Netherlands – 7pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Group A)

USA v Wales – 10pm, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Group B)

Tuesday 22 November 

Argentina v Saudi Arabia – 1pm, Lusail Stadium (Group C)

Denmark v Tunisia – 4pm, Education City Stadium (Group D)

Mexico v Poland – 7pm, Stadium 974 (Group C)

France v Australia– 10pm, Al Janoub Stadium (Group D)

Wednesday 23 November 

Morocco v Croatia – 1pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Group F)

Germany v Japan – 4pm, Khalifa International Stadium (Group E)

Spain v Costa Rica – 7pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Group E)

Belgium v Canada – 10pm, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Group F)

Thursday 24 November 

Switzerland v Cameroon – 1pm, Al Janoub Stadium (Group G)

Uruguay v South Korea – 4pm, Education City Stadium (Group H)

Portugal v Ghana – 7pm, Stadium 974 (Group H)

Brazil v Serbia – 10pm, Lusail Stadium (Group G)

Friday 25 November 

Wales v Iran – 1pm, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Group B)

Qatar v Senegal – 4pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Group A)

Netherlands v Ecuador – 7pm, Khalifa International Stadium (Group A)

England v USA – 10pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Group B)

Saturday 26 November 

Tunisia v Australia – 1pm, Al Janoub Stadium (Group D)

Poland v Saudi Arabia – 4pm, Education City Stadium (Group C)

France v Denmark – 7pm, Stadium 974 (Group D)

Argentina v Mexico – 10pm, Lusail Stadium (Group C)

Sunday 27 November 

Japan v Costa Rica – 1pm, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Group E)

Belgium v Morocco –4pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Group F)

Croatia v Canada – 7pm, Khalifa International Stadium (Group F)

Spain v Germany – 10pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Group E)

Monday 28 November 

Cameroon v Serbia – 1pm, Al Janoub Stadium (Group G)

South Korea v Ghana – 4pm, Education City Stadium (Group H)

Brazil v Switzerland – 7pm, Stadium 974 (Group G)

Portugal v Uruguay – 10pm, Lusail Stadium (Group H)

Tuesday 29 November 

Netherlands v Qatar – 6pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Group A)

Ecuador v Senegal – 6pm, Khalifa International Stadium (Group A)

Iran v USA – 10pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Group B)

Wales v England – 10pm, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Group B)

Wednesday 30 November 

Tunisia v France – 6pm, Education City Stadium (Group D)

Australia v Denmark – 6pm, Al Janoub Stadium (Group D)

Saudi Arabia v Mexico – 10pm, Lusail Stadium (Group C)

Poland v Argentina – 10pm, Stadium 974 (Group C)

Thursday 1 December 

Canada v Morocco – 6pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Group F)

Croatia v Belgium – 6pm, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Group F)

Costa Rica v Germany – 10pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Group E)

Japan v Spain – 10pm, Khalifa International Stadium (Group E)

Friday 2 December 

South Korea v Portugal – 6pm, Education City Stadium (Group H)

Ghana v Uruguay – 6pm, Al Janoub Stadium (Group H)

Cameroon v Brazil – 10pm, Lusail Stadium (Group G)

Serbia v Switzerland – 10pm, Stadium 974 (Group G)

Round of 16:

Saturday 3 December 

1A v 2B – 6pm, Khalifa International Stadium (Match 49)

1C v 2D – 10pm, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (Match 50)

Sunday 4 December 

1D v 2C – 6pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Match 52)

1B v 2A – 10pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Match 51)

Monday 5 December

1E v 2F – 6pm, Al Janoub Stadium (Match 53)

1G v 2H – 10pm, Stadium 974 (Match 54)

Tuesday 6 December 

1F v 2E – 6pm, Education City Stadium (Match 55)

1H v 2G – 10pm, Lusail Stadium (Match 56)


Friday 9 December

Winner match 53 v winner match 54 – 6pm, Education City Stadium (Match 58)

Winner match 49 v winner match 50 – 10pm, Lusail Stadium (Match 57)

Saturday 10 December 

Winner match 55 v winner match 56 – 6pm, Al Thumama Stadium (Match 60)

Winner match 51 v winner match 52 – 10pm, Al Bayt Stadium (Match 59)


Tuesday 13 December

Winner match 57 v winner match 58 – 10pm, Lusail Stadium 

Wednesday 14 December 

Winner match 59 v winner match 60 – 10pm, Al Bayt Stadium

Saturday 17 December 

Third place match – 6pm, Khalifa International Stadium

Sunday 18 December 

Final match – 6pm, Lusail Stadium

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