Saudi Arabia and Oman join forces to create a unified visa

The visa aims to attract foreign tourists, and citizens as well as residents across the GCC.

Saudi Arabia and Oman have taken a major leap forward in their mission to amp up tourism. We’re talking seasonal flights, a joint tourism calendar and a unified tourist visa. This joint effort aims to attract foreign tourists, as well as citizens and residents across the GCC countries.

Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Minister, Ahmad Al Khatib, and Oman’s Salem Al Mahrooqi met to discuss the promotion of tourism in both countries. The aim is to also boost investment cooperation, especially in the tourism sector. So, the countries want to invest in the development of top-notch tourism projects created by budding entrepreneurs.

In early 2023, Omani tourists flocked to Saudi Arabia to explore the country. Saudi saw a whopping 136 per cent increase in Omani visitors compared to last year. Oman saw a 92 per cent surge in Saudi visitors.  

And it’s not just Saudi Arabia and Oman who are dreaming big. The whole GCC could launch a Schengen-style visa for all the member states. Picture it: Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, all joined together in one glorious visa, making travel within the Gulf region a breeze and giving tourism a major boost. 

So, we’re excited as Saudi Arabia and Oman bring their A-game to the tourism world. With their united forces, exciting projects and a shared vision, travel is about to get a whole lot easier in the region.  

GO: Visit https://mt.gov.sa for more information.

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