Vaccinated GCC travellers can visit the Republic of Ireland quarantine-free this summer

Re-opening for international travel on 19 July, vaccinated GCC travellers can visit The Republic of Ireland quarantine-free.

The Republic of Ireland has announced the adoption of the EU’s Digital COVID Certificate, thus enabling seamless travel for tourists. The initiative will be extended to vaccinated visitors from outside of the EU, including GCC countries.

From 19 July, travellers with approved vaccinations can visit Ireland quarantine-free without the need for a PCR test.

Ireland quarantine-free

Approved vaccinations that will be accepted for travel to the Republic of Ireland include: 

  • Two doses of Pfizer-BioNtech Vaccine (regarded as fully vaccinated after seven days since the second dose)
  • Two doses of Moderna Vaccine (considered as fully vaccinated after 14 days since the second dose)
  • Two doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine (regarded as fully vaccinated after 15 days since the second dose) 
  • One dose of Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Vaccine (considered as fully vaccinated after 14 days since the second dose)

Travellers from the GCC will be able to travel to the Republic of Ireland provided they have received the entire course of any one of these approved vaccinations. These rules apply to the Republic of Ireland only and exclude Northern Ireland, which remains subject to UK government requirements.

The Irish tourism industry has been actively planning for the resumption of international travel and the health and safety of all visitors remains a priority.

Ireland quarantine-free

Niall Gibbons, Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland, said: “The announcement is an extremely welcome and important step on the road to recovery for our industry and for those looking forward to visiting Ireland this year. For the first time in many months, we can look to the future with optimism. 

Everyone at Tourism Ireland looks forward to getting back in full swing, to promote the island of Ireland as a safe, welcoming and ‘must-see’ destination across the world. Over the coming months, we will be working flat out, with all of our partners, to restore as much business as possible. Our message is that we can’t wait to roll out the green carpet and welcome back our overseas visitors.”

Since January 2018, Ireland is now visa-free for UAE Nationals, meaning more accessible travel and easier access to Ireland.

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