A culinary journey encompassing Greek and Spanish cuisines is coming to Club Vista Mare

Myrra by Opa Restaurant will open this month on Palm Jumeirah.

Myrra by Opa is a new restaurant set to open at Club Vista Mare on the Palm Jumeirah. The new concept infuses the island flavours of both Greece and Spain against a desirable beachfront backdrop.

The family-friendly restaurant will welcome guests of all ages with the option to sit amidst the picture-perfect interiors or outdoors overlooking the shoreline. There will even be a special children’s area.

Myrra by Opa’s menu will contain popular dishes from both Greek and Spanish cuisines, offering a taste of the Mediterranean in Dubai. Adding to the sense of island nostalgia, the menu will focus on flavours and intricate presentation, ensuring a feast for all of the senses. 

Adding to the restaurant’s whimsical al fresco vibe, the history of Myrra has an enchanting narrative in both Greece and Spain. In Greek mythology, the Myrr tree was created from Myrra, an immortal woman, transformed into a tree for protection against her father. This tree is known for the natural gum found in its tiny thorns, however, legend claims that Myrra’s tears became the sap. The word Mira is of Latin origin and means’ wonderful’, ‘peace’ and ‘prosperous’, and in Spanish, it means ‘look.’ The origins of the name Myrra perfectly represent the new dining spot that you won’t be able to take your eyes off. 

The restaurant is expected to open this month, offering a beachfront experience reminiscent of the beautiful islands the concept represents. We will bring you further updates as and when they’re available.

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