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Al Marmoom: Film in the Desert Festival returns to Dubai

This festival celebrates cinematic creativity with a unique blend of storytelling.

The third edition of Dubai’s Al Marmoom: Film in the Desert Festival is underway, promising a captivating experience. The festival, organised by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, celebrates cinematic creativity and features a selection of short films tackling societal and environmental issues. Running until 21 January, with the theme’ Stories at One with Nature,’ the festival aims to open new horizons for filmmakers, fostering innovation and providing a platform for showcasing diverse stories.

The festival’s program includes over 70 films from local as well as international filmmakers. These films, ranging from documentaries to animations and live-action productions, form the heart of the Al Marmoom Short-Film Competition, where a distinguished panel of experts will evaluate entries across three categories.

Al Marmoom

To enhance the sustainability of the film industry, Dubai Culture has curated a rich program featuring more than 30 workshops and ten talks and panel discussions. Renowned speakers, directors, and cinema specialists will engage in conversations addressing various challenges and topics faced by the industry.

The festival is not only a cinematic delight but a celebration of Emirati heritage. Visitors can immerse themselves in musical performances, cultural displays, and artistic works inspired by the history of local cinema. 

Al Marmoom

Additionally, Brand Dubai also brings a culinary dimension to the festival. 19 homegrown food outlets have set up pop-ups at the ‘Proudly from Dubai Market.’ Festival-goers can indulge in a delightful array of savouries, desserts, and popular coffee blends, experiencing various cuisines that showcase local and global flavours.

As the festival unfolds in the picturesque Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, it brings together filmmakers, industry experts, and the community.

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