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Sharjah Art Foundation unveils a thrilling lineup of exhibitions and screenings

From exhibitions to music and film screenings, they’ve got it all.

Get ready to be immersed in Sharjah Art Foundation’s electrifying lineup of exhibitions, collaborations, and programs scheduled for the remainder of the year. With renowned artists and mind-bending creations, Sharjah Art Foundation is taking you on an enthralling journey through the world of contemporary art. From workshops to interactive installations and thought-provoking talks, they’ve got something for everyone. 

In the Heart of Another Country: The Diasporic Imagination Rises

15 July, 2023 to 24 September, 2023

Kicking off the lineup is ‘In the Heart of Another Country: The Diasporic Imagination Rises, taking place at Al Mureijah Square. This captivating exhibition showcases powerful diasporic narratives, spanning from 1935 to the present. Explore the concept of home, longing and belonging through a choreographed scenography of extraordinary artworks. Encounter the creative exchanges among visionary artists and intellectuals, and witness the flourishing diasporic imagination come to life.

Sharjah Art Foundation

Henok Melkamzer

14 October, 2023 to 10 March, 2024

Following that, the solo exhibition by Henok Melkamzer – a talented telsem artist known for his intricate tapestries and vivid storytelling – takes centre stage. This solo show offers a rare opportunity to witness the largest presentation of Henok’s artworks, featuring over 100 pieces, many of which are being exhibited for the first time. Taking place at Al Hamriyah Studios, this exhibition promises to take viewers on a transformative visual journey, offering a glimpse into the artist’s profound artistic expression.

Sharjah Art Foundation

Vantage Point Sharjah 11

14 October, 2023 to 10 March, 2024

The Sharjah Art Foundation is launching the open call for the 2023 edition of Vantage Point Sharjah, its prestigious annual photography exhibition. This year, VPS has an expanded vision, focusing on photographers from Africa and Asia who have yet to have a solo institutional presentation. Photographers can now submit their full portfolios for consideration and five exceptional artists will be selected for a group exhibition. These talented photographers will also receive extensive mentorship from industry professionals and production support for their showcased works. Their captivating photographs will be on display at Old Al Diwan Al Amiri in Al Hamriyah, providing a platform to further develop their artistic practice.

Sharjah Art Foundation

Lubaina Himid: Plaited Time/Deep Water

28 October, 2023 to 28 January, 2024

Art enthusiasts are in for a treat with ‘Lubaina Himid: Plaited Time/Deep Water.’ This highly anticipated exhibition showcases the works of the renowned artist Lubaina Himid, providing a profound exploration of time, identity and societal narratives – taking place at Al Mureijah Square. Through her art, Lubaina challenges cultural narratives and invites viewers to contemplate the complex interplay of these themes.

Sharjah Art Foundation

Playing Ouds: Oud in the Hands of Women Musicians from Around the World

3 to 4 November, 2023

In collaboration with Zamkana, Kamilya Jubran’s awesome platform, Sharjah Art Foundation is bringing you an interactive and vibrant exploration of the oud. This seminar focuses specifically on women artists from across the globe who rock the oud – with five incredible oud players, each with their own unique style, background and cultural influences. They’re going to wow you with their performances, interpretations and musical journeys. 

Sharjah Art Foundation

Gavin Jantjes: To Be Free! A Retrospective (1970–2023)

18 November, 2023 to 10 March, 2024

The largest solo presentation to date of Gavin Jantjes is coming to Al Mureijah Square, Sharjah. This exhibition brings together over five decades of Gavin’s incredible artistic journey, showcasing his bold prints, drawings, paintings and archival material. He’s not just an artist; he’s a creative activist, curator and critical thinker reshaping the discourse of African and African diaspora art, and this showcase is a vibrant celebration of his artistic vision and his relentless quest to break free from the Eurocentric gaze.

Gavin Jantjes

Focal Point

24 to 26 November, 2023

Sharjah Art Foundation is shining a spotlight on independent bookmaking from all over the world, with a special focus on our talented publishers from the UAE. Prepare to be blown away by the diverse selection of printed masterpieces from artists’ presses, innovative bookmakers and cultural pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of publishing. This fair is not just about books – it’s a vibrant hub of knowledge sharing and community building. With fascinating talks, exciting book launches, artists’ signings, mind-blowing workshops, groovy music and even artist-made products to spice things up, this is an incredible opportunity to dive into the world of art and literature in the most unconventional way possible.

Sharjah Art Foundation

Sharjah Film Platform 6

8 to 17 December, 2023

Mark your calendars because the coolest film festival is back for its sixth edition. Get ready to be blown away by over 30 mind-bending films that will have their national premieres in Sharjah. These cinematic gems are not your everyday blockbusters; they’re avant-garde, experimental masterpieces that will make you question reality itself. And the prestigious Sharjah Film Platform Awards will see these cutting-edge films compete for glory. There’s also a fantastic lineup of talks, concerts, and events to make your film festival experience truly unforgettable.

Sharjah Film Platform

With renowned artists, cultural dialogues and a commitment to nurturing emerging talents, these upcoming exhibitions are set to ignite your imagination and transport you to a realm where art knows no boundaries. From global artistic exchange to transformative experiences, the future looks brighter than ever. So mark your calendars and get ready to be captivated by the incredible power of art at the Sharjah Art Foundation.

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