You can still grab tickets to see Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer in Dubai

The German film composer will play hits from Dune to Gladiator.

Hands up if you love the soundtrack to GladiatorThe Lion King or Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, you have the film composer Hans Zimmer to thank for that. We’re excited as the multiple Oscar winner has announced that he’s returning to Dubai, and it’s a rare chance to watch him perform his memorable music live. 

Hans Zimmer Live in Dubai takes place on 31 May and 1 June 2024 and will run for two nights only at the Coca-Cola Arena Dubai. Hans has one of the most impressive back catalogues, and we are expecting him to play his famous hits from films including DuneDunkirk, Inception and Interstellar

Hans hails from Frankfurt, Germany. Despite disliking formal piano lessons as a child and being thrown out of eight schools, he managed to create a music career. He went from joining a band to composing advertising jingles. Today, he is the head of the film music division at DreamWorks.

The concert in Dubai will showcase the talents of Hans Zimmer and his band of skilled musicians, which includes Tina Guao on the cello and Pedro Eustache on the winds. Enhancing the ensemble’s performance will be captivating dancers, along with the iconic voices of Lisa Gerard from Gladiator, Lebo M. from The Lion King, and Loire from Dune.

Hans shared: “I am immensely grateful for the warm embrace Dubai gave to my music during our first performance in the city. I firmly believe that music has the power to transcend language and resonate with the deepest emotions within us. Each composition is a journey, and I am privileged to share these musical stories with audiences around the world.”

Hans Zimmer Live in Dubai

Omar Saab, President of EVI, added: “Experiencing the profound impact and emotional delight brought by Hans Zimmer Live during its inaugural performance in Dubai was truly extraordinary. Naturally, we felt compelled to invite him back for an encore performance, with new enhancements promising an even more remarkable show. Hans Zimmer Live is an indescribable journey through music, leaving an everlasting imprint on the hearts and spirits of our guests. The magic of Hans Zimmer goes beyond the notes – it’s an immersive experience that lingers, creating cherished memories.”

Tickets for Hans Zimmer Live in Dubai are available via Platinumlist.

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