European restaurant DUO Gastrobar is coming to Dubai Hills

The new eatery brings a fusion of European and Asian flavours to your palate.

Get ready foodies of Dubai because an exciting new dining experience is about to hit town. The culinary geniuses behind DUO Band, Chef Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov, are all set to whisk your taste buds away on a flavorful journey. Prepare to welcome DUO’s first international outpost, right here in the Middle East.

Hailing from the enchanting lanes of St. Petersburg, Russia, DUO Gastrobar is making its grand debut in Dubai. This European dining destination will find a home in the Dubai Hills Business Park, the city’s emerging hotspot for all things chic and trendy.

Now let’s talk about the star of the show — the menu at DUO Gastrobar. Blending the best of modern European yumminess with a hint of Asian flair, this restaurant promises a symphony of flavours that’ll have you dreaming about it for days. We’re talking Beef Tartare with a parmesan punch and Padron Peppers that’ll give your taste buds a little wake-up call. The mains such as Spaghetti with King Crab and Octopus with Romesco are set to take your mouth on a whirlwind adventure. From Passion Fruit with Gorgonzolla to Coconut Cream with Raspberry, we know we’re in for delicious desserts.

The vibe here is as fantastic as the food. The interior is like a blend of minimalism and boho chic – we’re talking calming whites and soothing beiges that instantly put you at ease. With lots of natural light gleaming in, you’ll feel like Mother Nature itself has decided to brighten up your dining space.

While the official opening will take place in August, DUO Gastrobar is currently in its soft opening phase.

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