Exploring the licensed eateries at C2 City Walk Dubai

Satisfy your culinary cravings at Dubai’s latest licensed dining district. 

With perfect weather encouraging leisurely strolls, City Walk Dubai has always been a favoured spot for those seeking a vibrant blend of shopping, entertainment, and dining. And now, it’s getting an upgrade with C2 — City Walk’s licensed district.

C2 is set to become Dubai’s preferred destination for exceptional casual dining. The district boasts 11 restaurants, each offering a distinct culinary journey. The charm of C2 lies not just in its restaurant options but also in its ambience, blending warm indoor spaces with inviting alfresco dining areas set within three beautifully landscaped courtyards.

The excitement doesn’t end with the culinary delights. C2 elevates the dining experience with special cocktails and bubbles to complement the menus. Let’s look at the culinary gems awaiting you at C2 — some opening soon.

Baku Cafe

Step into Baku Cafe, where traditional Azerbaijani dishes and sweets intertwine with modern style. This restaurant immerses diners in the national style, seamlessly blending ancient culture with contemporary trends. From the must-try Turshu Govurma to the Cherry pilaf and Sturgeon fish, every bite offers a journey to the Land of Fire.

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C2 City Walk

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey beckons, an exclusive adult playground where fun meets gastronomy. This vibrant venue boasts a bowling alley, a VR racing simulator, and arcade games. The menu covers everything from sliders and tacos representing Americana to bao buns and gyoza for an Asian twist. The play pass card grants access to a plethora of retro video games, shuffleboard, foosball, and even a love tester included.

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C2 City Walk

Daikan Izakaya

For ramen enthusiasts, Daikan Izakaya – also located in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Bay – is set to be your go-to cosy spot at C2. Often hailed as “the best ramen” in Dubai and with a FACT Dining Award as a testament, Daikan Izakaya takes pride in its in-house noodle production and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and freshness in every bowl.

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Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi

La Serre 

Prepare to be charmed by the quaint Parisian-style boulangerie, cafe, and bistro – La Serre. This beloved addition to C2 is opening soon and will offer hearty dishes crafted from fresh, organic ingredients sourced from farmers and artisans across Europe. From breakfast specials to fancy French fare, prepare for the warmth and flavours of a Parisian oasis in the heart of C2 City Walk.

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C2 City Walk

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

Embark on a culinary journey to Naples at L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, where the 150-year-old tradition of Neapolitan pizza excellence unfolds. This pizzeria introduces classics like Margherita and Marinara alongside rotating specials each month. Indulge in authentic flavours from Campania and savour vegetable appetisers, fried knots, and desserts.

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C2 City Walk


Embark on a worldwide culinary expedition with Myata, set to join the vibrant C2 scene soon. Featuring a diverse international menu, Myata invites visitors to indulge in a gastronomic journey through rich and flavorful options. Prepare for a global feast that tantalises your taste buds and takes you on a delicious adventure around the world.

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Mythos Urban Greek Eatery

Transport yourself to the tranquillity and natural beauty of Greece at Mythos Urban Greek Eatery. The menu weaves a tapestry of colours, aromas, and tastes. This FACT award winner captures the essence of Greek flavours with mezzes and main dishes like Gemista and Kleftiko. Complemented by an eclectic wine list, Mythos promises an authentic Greek dining experience.

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Mythos Urban Greek Eatery

Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar

Experience the vibrant spirit of 19th-century New Orleans at Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar. Chef Ilias Kokoroskos blends Spanish, French, and Cajun traditions to create sophisticated taste sensations. Indulge in delightful interpretations of classic dishes like wagyu beef tartare and burrata with anchovies. The infectious jazzy vibes and a carefully curated New Orleans-inspired cocktail list enhance the joyous atmosphere.

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Nola Bijou Bistro


Prepare for a sensory delight as Nox brings an inventive dining concept to the city. Soon to debut at C2, Nox promises delectable dishes and cocktails that redefine the culinary encounter. With an imaginative approach, Nox is set to illuminate Dubai’s food scene, creating a distinctive and unforgettable experience.

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Prepare to be transported to only steakhouse experience at C2 City Walk, Rare, This upcoming addition to C2 — opening on 29 February — is a fusion of a New York bar and Parisian brasserie. Expect juicy cuts and seasonal ingredients cooked on charcoal, served with spirits to elevate every bite. It’s not just a place to enjoy delicious meals, it’s a gathering spot where people come together to savour moments of joy with a creative and spirited approach. 

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C2 City Walk

Primi Cucina Italiana

Primi Cucina Italiana is a culinary masterpiece that promises a delightful fusion of flavours and styles. From traditional Italian pasta and gourmet pizzas to refreshing cocktails, Primi invites patrons on an authentic Italian journey. The visually stunning ambience, blending modern sophistication with cosy comfort, sets the stage for all occasions at C2 City Walk.

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