FACT First Look: Gimi brings Korean excitement to Wasl Vita Mall

Say hello to Dubai’s newest Korean restaurant.

Dubai is set to welcome yet another culinary gem. Nestled within the bustling Al Wasl Vita Mall, Gimi isn’t your ordinary dining experience. It’s a harmonious blend of flavours and cultures that pay homage to the hawker culture while dancing to the beats of K-pop. The name itself, Gimi, translates to “spice” in Korean, and it promises an unforgettable journey through a myriad of tantalising tastes and sensations.

Gimi blends the essence of Korean and Southeast Asian cuisines, with a particular focus on street food staples that are nostalgic as well as novelty. The restaurant’s chill and hip vibes are palpable as you step through the doors. Brown leather sofas, marble tabletops, and a light-to-dark concept reminiscent of Korean streets set the stage for a warm dining experience.

Gimi’s decor is soothing and is adorned with bamboo walls, green plants, wood blocks, mirrored ceilings, newspaper clippings, and a semi-open kitchen. The house music keeps the casual energy alive.

A bar in the centre of the restaurant promises an evening to unwind with friends after work. And bringing a touch of K-pop to this Korean-Southeast Asian dining concept, K-pop Funko Pop dolls steal the limelight — literally — as they are under lamps on the bar. An outside terrace is ready to welcome diners ahead of the winter season.


Now, onto the must-try dishes. The famous Korean Fried Chicken is perfect for those seeking a mild level of spice to kick-start their culinary journey. You can enhance this with the Spicy Chicken Taco and the Chicken Satay — complimented by a smoky sauce and peanut garnish — promising a delightful mix of textures. And don’t miss the Jinju, a vibrant blue shrimp dumpling with a perfect spicy kick. 


For the mains, Bibimbap offers a clay pot of crunchy sticky rice, beef, eggs, and an array of vegetables. The Rolled Beef, a striploin with greens inside, offers a juicy and chewy delight with a satisfying crunch. Make sure to save room for dessert. The Kong Konut, a pineapple and coconut treat served in a half coconut on a bed of ice and sprinkled with spice, is a sweet and refreshing way to end your Gimi experience.

Gimi Dubai

Atelier House Hospitality is opening the restaurant, and if their previous restaurants are anything to go by, Gimi looks set to be a success. The team is behind Dubai hospitality hits 11 WoodfireMarea, Mohalla, RSVP, Morini in Riyadh, and the soon-to-open Gerbou.

Gimi’s opening is just around the corner, welcoming you to its warm embrace on Tuesday, 12 September. Mark your calendars .

GO: Follow @gimi.dxb on Instagram for more information.

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