From tiramisu to truffles, Bellini Cafe makes its Dubai debut

The Italian eatery comes to the UAE from the USA.

Dubai, brace yourselves for a taste of authentic Italian luxury at the newly opened Bellini Cafe Dubai. Hailing from the US, this modern culinary gem promises a dining experience that blends tradition with innovation. 

Located off Al Wasl Road, overlooking Dubai Water Canal in Mr. C Residences, the UAE outpost welcomes you into a space that captures the essence of Italy’s diverse regions. This dining haven explores authentic Italian flavours and recipes, while the European-style service at Bellini adds a touch of sophistication to the welcoming atmosphere.

Bellini Cafe Dubai

Bellini Cafe Dubai brings a touch of Italian chic to the Middle East. The light and airy space boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, gold accents and pastel-pink furnishings. Gleaming display cabinets present treats from tortes to tiramisus, flanked by gleaming marble floors and intricate woodwork.

Maggio and Ignazio Cipriani, the fourth-generation torchbearers of the esteemed Cipriani family, are behind this new dining destination. Having traversed the culinary landscape of Italy, the brothers bring a modern interpretation of Italian cooking to Dubai.

Bellini Cafe Dubai

The menu at Bellini Cafe Dubai ranges from cherished Cipriani classics to innovative artisanal plates. The signature Carpaccio, pastas, fresh salads, grilled specialties, and handcrafted pizzas grace the menu, all crafted from the purest ingredients. One standout dish is the Dressed Lobster featuring wasabi mayo, avocado, and summer greens. Other must-try dishes include the Organic Chicken “Pizzaiola” and the Mediterranean Branzino.

Bellini Cafe’s arrival in Dubai celebrates authentic Italian flavours, a fusion of tradition and contemporary flair. With its commitment to quality, a rich culinary heritage, and a prime location, it’s poised to become a beloved dining destination in the city.

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