A hip new izakaya is opening in Jumeirah Lake Towers

The Japanese restaurant opens in Armada Tower on Friday, 28 April.

If the sound of sushi gets your stomach rumbling, then you’ll be excited to hear about a new Japanese restaurant in Dubai. SOON Nobby x True Izakaya is opening in Dubai, and is bringing the taste of Japan to Jumeirah Lake Towers

Located in Armada Tower, SOON Nobby x True Izakaya aims to be a part of the JLT community. Combining Japanese cuisine with pop culture, it will be a hip hangout. Judging from its promotional images, it draws inspiration from cool cultural moments, from the first Nintendo Gameboy to the Sony Walkman. Even the SOON logo is designed in Sony’s Clarendon font.

SOON Nobby x True Izakaya

SOON Nobby x True Izakaya shared on social media: “Just like how the 1980s marked a transformative period for Japan with its fusion of music genres, SOON embodies that same vibrancy and freshness in its cuisine”.

So far, SOON Nobby x True Izakaya’s food and drinks menu have not been revealed. However, we do know that it will specialise in Japanese food, so we’re hoping for plenty of sushi, sashimi and noodles. Plus, it will boast a party vibe, and include a cocktail and beer list.

SOON Nobby x True Izakaya

Given the name, we expect SOON Nobby x True Izakaya to create an izakaya dining experience. In Japan, izakaya restaurants are typically small bars, which serve affordable food and drinks, all in a relaxed setting. 

The restaurant opens on Friday, 28 April. Stay tuned for more details.

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