Le Gourmet is Galeries Lafayette’s at-home dining experience 

From a pastry chef to a beautiful buffet, the caterers know how to make a memorable meal.

Hosting a party can be hard work. Whether you’re planning a dinner party or a birthday bash, every event requires planning. What time should I start cooking? Do I have enough glasses? Will guests arrive on Dubai Time? Le Gourmet in Galeries Lafayette, an all-day dining destination in Dubai, has launched an at-home dining experience—and it turned my hosting fears into hosting fun.

Located on level two of Dubai Mall, Le Gourmet in Galeries Lafayette brings together international cuisines under one roof. The concepts include Izu Bakery, SUSHI, Tandoonari and WokTales. Plus, the grocery store stocks madeleines, marshmallows and milk chocolate.

Le Gourmet’s catering service is available for personal as well as professional events. Whether you’re after corporate or cosy, they are used to dealing with a range of requests. My request: an at-home fine dining experience with eight diners and three vegetarians.

Le Gourmet

Le Gourmet’s Events Coordinator, Jackson Estrocio, was my go-to guide. What followed was a phone call, and discussion about the dinner. The team can do everything from buffets to live stations and from sushi to sliders. Sample menus arrived spanning canapes, starters, mains and desserts. The coordination was swift and seamless, from the big picture (photos of dishes and décor) to the finer details (centimetres of plates). Plus, they requested pictures of my place, so that they could understand the space.

First impressions matter, and Le Gourmet’s team arrived on time – a first with all the catering services I had used in Dubai. The team included a head chef, a pastry chef and two waiters. The equipment included a portable fridge, tables, plates, glasses, cutlery and all of the ingredients. And, they went the extra catering mile and bought water, lemon and ice.  

Le Gourmet

Over two hours, Le Gourmet’s team stylishly set up the space with flowers, napkins and plates. The dishes were made from scratch, and were perfectly presented. Once the canapés were constructed, the slightest speck was cleared so that they were photo-ready. The canapés included Smoked Crusted Rare Seared Tuna with cucumber, ginger and wasabi; Smoked Turkey Ham and Cheese Truffle Cream Crepe; and Watermelon and Feta with crushed pistachio.

The starter was the bright and beautiful Burrata Mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes and grilled peach. It’s not often that the vegetarian options are as good as the meat options, but Le Gourmet’s chefs succeeded. The main course included a Chargrilled Sweetcorn Risotto with truffle and parmesan, which was a creamy concoction, and Lamb Quinoa, which was rich and juicy.

Le Gourmet

The highlight of the night was watching the pastry chef in action. While he was too shy to introduce the dish to the guests, he let the food do all the talking. The Warm Date Pudding with ice cream and toffee sauce ensured the evening ended on a sweet note. 

The team were polite and professional, from the smooth entrance to the smoother exit. Most of all, the chefs were tremendously talented, and impressed the guests with their culinary skills. So, the next time you’re thinking of hosting, take the night off and call the experts: Le Gourmet.

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