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FACT Review: Babylon offers a hedonistic playground of gastronomy

As the clock strikes midnight, this dining destination offers a seamless transition into a nightclub.

Babylon – one of the buzzing locations in DIFC – opened its door to diners and partygoers in Dubai late last year. Inspired by the ancient city of Babylon in southern Mesopotamia, this establishment offers a hedonistic journey. 

As you enter Babylon, you are immediately captivated by the opulent and glamorous interiors. Mirrors adorn the walls reflecting the elegance that surrounds you. The plush seating invites you to sink in and savour the moments that lie ahead. It’s a setting fit for royalty. 


To kick off the evening as part of the Chef’s Signature Tasting Menu, Babylon offers a tantalising Bellini upon arrival. This delightful drink awakens your taste buds and sets the tone for everything that awaits you – including the performances. 

Prepare to be dazzled by the extraordinary singing and acrobatic performances that will leave you in awe. Talented impersonators embody the sounds of music legends from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga, breathing life into their unforgettable hits. While it’s easy to succumb to the temptation of recording the spectacle unfolding before you, you’ll want to set your gadgets aside and be fully present in the moment.

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The five-course tasting experience, available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, begins with Padron Peppers followed by Seabass Usuzukuri, Wagyu Beef Tartare and the Babylon Salad, which will ignite your palate with its bold and intricate flavours. The blend of textures found in the Chilean Seabass Tempura and Warm Prawns prepares you for the star of the show – the main course’s Miso Butter Wagyu Striploin. Cooked to medium-well perfection, each bite is a revelation of succulence – showcasing the culinary mastery that Babylon prides itself on. 


To conclude the feast, Babylon presents a signature Dessert Platter that steals the spotlight. Among its offerings, the mango creation shines with its vibrant flavours and luscious sweetness. But the almond baklava emerged as a true gem. With its flaky layers, each bite was a harmonious balance of textures creating a symphony of flavours that danced on the palate – making for a fitting end.

As the clock strikes midnight, Babylon seamlessly transforms into a vibrant nightclub, inviting you to dance the night away. The fusion of restaurant and nightclub creates an atmosphere of celebration allowing you to continue your evening in style.


From the opulent surroundings to the culinary dishes that are gracefully served, Babylon has made its mark on the competitive DIFC dining scene. So if you’re up for a night that transitions from dining to drinking and dancing, this is where you want to be.

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