A marvellous Mercedes-Benz Café has opened in d3

AMG Kaufeehaus Café has bought the cool café to d3.

If your friends all drive Porsches and you must make amends, head to the Mercedes-Benz Café. Located in d3 in Dubai, the venue celebrates the Mercedes-Benz car company. Situated in the new Mercedes-Benz Brand Center, AMG Kaufeehaus Café’s concept combines cars and coffees. 

AMG Kaufeehaus Mercedes-Benz café showcases the car collection, from old to new models. Great for the gram, the cars come in a range of models and there are even smaller versions on display. We spotted a take on cars from movies ranging from Back to the Future to Ghostbusters

The AMG Kaufeehaus Mercedes-Benz Café includes indoor and outdoor seating. The café boasts a minimalist vibe with muted colours spanning white, grey and black. Visitors can choose from soft seats lining the wall, and circle and square tables. Head to the counter and choose from pretty pastries to macaroons. Visitors can also shop for Mercedes & AMG merchandise as well as coffee beans and chocolates.

Look out for public events, which include a stand-up comedy show on 22 February, Art is in the Air exhibition from 1 to 30 March, Formula One screenings from 2 to 9 March, and The Raw Files Photo exhibition from 8 to 9 April. 

Mercedes-Benz was established in 1926. The headquarters are located in Struttgart, Germany. Over the years, the logo has changed from an oval nameplate to circular wreath, and finally the famous three-pointed star. Plus, the slogan is “The Best of Nothing”.  

The Mercedes-Benz Café is open daily from 8am to 10pm. Check in with FACT for the latest things to do in Dubai. 

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