Gran Melia Dubai is gearing up for a spectacular opening

This hotel will open in 2025 next to Zuma Dubai Beachhouse.

When it comes to Dubai, one thing is for sure, it’s a city of constant change and innovation. The ever-evolving skyline and luxury offerings never cease to amaze. And now, the excitement is building up for the grand opening of Gran Melia Dubai.

With a stunning coast that perfectly encapsulates Dubai’s charm and its own private beach, Gran Melia Dubai is set to be a hospitality hotspot. Offering a unique and unforgettable experience to its guests, the beach resort located in La Mer will boast 260 keys.

Gran Melia Dubai

While the fine details of this under-construction marvel are still kept under wraps, the rendered images of Gran Melia Dubai reveal luxurious living, glass-walled swimming pools and more. The hotel will feature elegant white exteriors adorned with gold and intricate stonework, accented by lush touches of greenery. This stunning design perfectly complements the serene blue waters of the beach and the inviting pools. Just imagine yourself lounging on comfortable sunbeds, sipping your favourite drink at the pool bar, and feeling the gentle breeze from the sea – it’s the epitome of relaxation.

Gran Melia Dubai

As for the interiors, think concrete style with pops of vibrant colours. The rooms at Gran Melia Dubai are expected to be a true reflection of modern luxury with a touch of Arabian flair.

Of course, no luxury hotel in Dubai is complete without a culinary experience to remember. While the specifics of Gran Melia Dubao’s dining options have yet to be unveiled, we do know that it’s set to make history by being home to the Middle East’s first Zuma beachside destination.

Gran Melia Dubai

Zuma Dubai Beachhouse, offering Japanese izakaya-style dining, will be right next to Gran Melia and it’s destined to become the go-to spot for guests looking to savour exquisite cuisine right by the sea.

While the exact opening date for Gran Melia Dubai remains a closely guarded secret, we can expect it to be around the same time as the eagerly anticipated Zuma Dubai Beachhouse, which is slated to pop up in 2025. Stay tuned at FACT so you don’t miss out on what is poised to be the hottest beachfront destination in the city.

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