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Hotel Hotspot: LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai offers a stay that stacks up

Building memories, one block at a time.

Tucked away from the bustling city of Dubai, the only LEGOLAND Hotel in the Middle East awaits, bursting with LEGO-themed wonder and excitement. Brace yourselves for a bricktastic surprise as you enter this geometric paradise, where a colossal dragon made from over 30,000 LEGO bricks stands tall, ready to greet you with open wings. This vibrant four-floor masterpiece is a beacon of fun, drawing you closer with its magical colours and LEGO charm. 

Prepare for a storm of excitement as the gateway slides open to this LEGO-filled haven. The lobby is anything but quiet and serene; it’s a bustling playground that will leave you wide-eyed with wonder. Picture a massive play area at the centre, alive with the boundless energy of countless kids. LEGO play zones surround this vibrant hub, while LEGO characters roam freely, interacting with little ones, ensuring a warm and friendly welcome, and bringing a sense of childlike wonder to life.

LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai

To one side, you’ll find the reception area, buzzing with activity. A green dragon behind the staff tirelessly cycles back and forth, keeping the little ones entertained. But here’s the best part: the reception counter is designed at a low height, allowing the little ones to check themselves in – a true adventure in independence. And don’t forget the castle play area, a treasure trove of fun with its maze, slides, soft LEGO play area and even a ball pit. 

The ground floor also boasts a Creative Workshop, a hub of learning disguised as fun. LEGO Education at this Creative Workshop takes imagination, critical thinking and boundless freedom, transforming them into a captivating educational experience. Workshops cater to ages three to 16, ensuring even the young-at-heart adults can join in the creative excitement. And just opposite the Creative Workshop, you’ll discover the hotel shop, ready to fulfil your LEGO merchandise dreams.

LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai

Bunk Bed Bliss

After a delightful check-in experience, prepare to head to your LEGO-themed room. But first, get ready to bust a move in the disco elevator. Each floor of LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai follows a unique theme, and every room has its own treasure hunt. The first floor immerses you in a pirate’s world, where the rooms resemble pirate ships. The adventure floor awaits brave explorers, while the third floor seamlessly merges Ninjago and Friends themes, catering to all, including those who love pink. Finally, the top-most floor embraces the Kingdom theme, greeting you with noble knights, princesses and a few playful frogs – all made with LEGOs, of course.

LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai

The single rooms in the hotel accommodate two adults and three children – a total of five lucky adventurers. And for those seeking an even grander experience, the Super Suites can house up to a whopping 26 people. As you enter the Adventure room, a LEGO monkey guards a treasure box, setting the stage for excitement. To the left, a kid’s area awaits, complete with a bunk bed for three. They’ll have their own TV and a LEGO playbox for downtime enjoyment. The adults aren’t left out either, as they’re greeted with a master-size bed and their own TV. And the cherry on top: the room overlooks the pool and the entrance to the thrilling theme parks. Oh, and did we mention the kids’ peephole on the room doors? It’s a fantastic way for them to join in the fun and see who’s outside when there’s a knock.

Speaking of parks, a night’s stay at LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai grants you access to either LEGOLAND Dubai or LEGOLAND Water Park. But if you stay for two nights, you’ll have the opportunity to explore both. And if you opt for a three-night stay or more, you gain access to all the Dubai Parks and Resorts, unlocking a world of endless amusement.

LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai

Bricks & Bites

Alongside room service, two fantastic restaurants await you on the ground floor of LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai: Bricks Restaurant and the Skyline Lounge. Prepare for a twist because the Skyline Lounge boasts a LEGO-built skyline, an extraordinary sight constructed from 57,987 bricks that sets it apart from other city skyline views.

On the other hand, Bricks Restaurant, inspired by LEGO bricks, offers a buffet breakfast and dinner. Here, LEGO-based structures of waiters and chefs join you as you indulge in the expansive buffet. And to the delight of the little ones, they get their own low-height buffet, complete with a sundae corner where they can create their own sweet masterpieces.

LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai

Poolside Play

Step outside and bask in the sunshine at LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai’s pool and splash pad. The shaded splash pad offers a perfect warm-up for the little ones before they dive into the large swimming pool. LEGO-themed cabanas surround the pool, offering a place to soak up the sun and relax. And don’t forget to visit the refreshments corner, where you can sip on refreshing slushies.

Located just 130 baby steps away from the hotel is the entrance to the magnificent Legoland parks, minimising outdoor walking and maximising the enchanting world of LEGO waiting to be explored. Get ready to witness the wonders of Miniland and experience exhilarating rides like the dragon roller coaster. And in the water park, designed for ages two to 12, your little ones will have a splashtastic time.

LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai

LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai is more than just a hotel; it’s a gateway to a realm where imaginations run wild and happiness knows no bounds. LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai brings dreams to life, one brick at a time. 

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