This jungle-themed restaurant is THE place for ladies night in Dubai Marina

Sponsored: Enter the jungle at MamaZonia’s vibrant Glamazon Ladies Night

If you’re looking for a ladies night to unleash your wild side, then we have just the spot!

Located in the heart of Dubai Marina on the 2nd floor of Pier 7, MamaZonia brings diners in Dubai an Amazonian paradise like none other. A lush rainforest environment greats guests in a space that feels very much alive. Vegetation springs from every nook and traverses the ceiling much like a canopy of jungle vines. Pass beneath the bows of a gnarled mango tree and discover a cocktail bar serving colourful libations from an area adorned with tiles in discreet tribal designs. MamaZonia feels like the discovery of a long-forgotten jungle ruin. 

glamazon ladies night

Tuesdays at the jungle-clad enclave are home to the vivacious Glamazon Ladies Night, where jungle queens can indulge in a two or three-course meal, alongside three complimentary beverages, between 6pm and midnight.

The offering includes a tempting array of impeccable Asian, Caribbean, and South American dishes, such as Tiger prawn maki rolls, beef brisket baos, salmon teriyaki, 150g grilled Australian striploin, and so much more. Two courses will set you back AED 155, but we’d highly spring for three courses and adding a dessert of BBQ banana or matcha cake for AED 169.

glamazon ladies night

Beverage options at the Glamazon Ladies Night include hops, grapes and a selection of alluring cocktails with names like golden poison.

Soak up the lively jungle atmosphere where bold murals depicting wildlife and an ornate wooden birdcage houses several tropical species. There will also be two dancers and a live DJ bringing a vibe to the already kinetic atmosphere. MamaZonia’s colourful and frivolous personality embodies the restaurant space with a sense of mystery. While the theme is executed with precision, the alfresco terrace with its sweeping Marina Views are where we would suggest you try and secure a spot. 

glamazon ladies night

Dubai Marina may not be the meeting of the waters upon the Amazon River but MamaZonia’s stunning waterfront location makes for a more than worthy substitute.

GO: Email or call 04 240 4747 for reservations and more information.

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