Moonshine in Dubai: The new speakeasy will give you FOMO

Open a hidden door and get transported into another world.  

The secret is out – there’s a new speakeasy spot in Dubai. Located in DIFC, Moonshine is hidden in Wise Guys sandwich shop behind a discreet door. What looks like a fridge actually opens and transports you to a spectacular space. So, if you don’t want to get FOMO, here is what you need to know. 

Moonshine in Dubai draws its inspiration from the prohibition era in the United States, and the ban on the sale of alcohol products. The sandwich shop has a slogan on the counter window, which gives the game away and states: “Not just a sandwich shop”. 

Moonshine in Dubai

As guests walk through Moonshine’s blue fridge door, it leads to a mirrored corridor. The Insta-worthy tunnel feels like you are travelling back in time and entering the 1920s. The décor includes dark walls, floors, seats and a long table. Plus, if you’re looking to party the night away, there will be different DJs and live music. 

Moonshine in Dubai’s menu includes a curated cocktail list and bites. The drinks menu combines the disco era with a modern touch, and the food menu has been created by Chef Riad. Plus, the bar will also host special events and hold a takeover from the award-winning mixologist and founder of Craft Bars Skills Academy, Vitaly Kolpin.

Moonshine in Dubai

The food and beverage management group, Grit Hospitality, is behind Moonshine in Dubai. The groups other ventures include Tahini Dubai, which showcases Levantine delicacies, and Wise Guys, which does also sell sandwiches and salads.

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