Sustainability is here to stay with these six regional brands

These are six websites within the region that we love for their effort to be sustainable and promote sustainable brands.

For years now, ‘sustainability’ has become not only a buzzword but something brands want to convey to their customers. Yet recently, it’s become clear that ‘sustainability’ is no longer a trend, no longer a marketing gimmick, and no longer a way to entice new conscious customers. Instead, it’s an integral pillar in brand strategy and is here to stay.

The focus is mainly on companies to become more sustainable in their ethos. However, we all need to play our part, which can be easily done by being mindful of what we buy and where we buy from. Tracking the brands we shop with and ensuring we shop locally can make a huge impact.

Comptoir 102

The FACT award-winning Comptoir 102 is a healthy cafe and concept store. It’s a great place to work while eating fresh food or shopping for organic skincare products and artisanal brands. Emma is the brainchild behind the brand, and she tastefully curates beautiful crafts, collaborations and natural fabrics. The good news is that they have now launched their online platform so that you can shop at ease.

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Fresh On Table

Fresh On Table is a local concept that highlights chefs in the region working with locally sourced organic produce. Working towards the goal of completing the sustainability loop by recycling food waste, the chefs put together bespoke recipe boxes that use only local products to showcase the importance of using as much of our food waste as possible.

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The motto behind Jisme is “your one-stop destination for a better body and a better you.” Jisme offers various products ranging from vitamins, beauty, fitness, and coffee. The Emirati-owned website allows you to shop through categories, and when it comes to food, it curates plans that are informative yet creative. You can also shop according to your diet, whether that be paleo, vegan, keto, gluten-free or diabetic.

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Twins Louise and Michel Doumet created this platform showcasing artisanal fashion, jewellery, and accessories. Specialising in niche and emerging brands, Lebelik supports brands by using an innovative 360-degree approach to storytelling that results in performance-driven marketing whilst supporting local talent and providing fantastic gifting options.

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Plain Tiger

First up is Plain Tiger, a 360-degree e-retailer that emerged during the recent pandemic. The South African-based brand is likely to grow more within the region and offers an array of items from clothes to homeware. A life-changing medical diagnosis encouraged co-founders Ollie and Alexandra to curate a luxury brand that honours the earth. Each brand has to meet Plain Tiger’s ‘five conscious criteria’ so that each purchase is transparent, effortless, and creates a positive change.

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The Giving Movement

The Giving Movement aims to inspire conscious consumerism whilst embodying the best of humanity. The Giving Movement offers sustainable activewear and understands that sustainable fabrics are readily available but at nearly double the price of ‘normal’ fabrics. The Giving Movement aims to normalise the use of sustainable fabrics and make them more accessible, all whilst reducing the brand’s carbon footprint.

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