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FACT Review: Awaken Spa at Atlantis The Royal

The world-class spa offers treatments using gold, sand and oud.

Atlantis The Royal has hit the headlines for its grand opening, blockbuster Beyoncé concert and MICHELIN-starred restaurants. Located in the five-star hotel is another gem worth discovering, Awaken Spa. The luxurious location is home to a spa that specialises in holistic treatments and high-tech therapies. And, when in Dubai, 24 karat gold massages and facials.

When you visit Awaken Spa, you are led down a long corridor, and each step takes you away from the bustle of Palm Jumeirah. The spa boasts an understated elegance and invites you with a warm whisper. The staff are smiley and smart, and greet me by name before I introduce myself.  

Awaken Spa

Awaken Spa puts you in the mood to unwind. Spanning more than 5,000 square feet, the tall, black, discreet doors open to a world of relaxation. The facilities include a fitness, steam room, sauna and indoor as well as outdoor pools.

The clean and contemporary changing rooms are one of the best I’ve seen in Dubai, and have all the extras you could possibly need. It’s not a one-size-fits-all – the staff are amazingly attentive, and notice my slippers are too large and offer to change them.  

Awaken Spa

The Awaken Spa’s menu includes a range of treatments, from The Gold List with 24-karat gold experiences to The Local List with oud-infused exfoliators and Dubai’s desert sand. I opt for the Awaken Massage, which can last between one hour or 90 minutes.

The Awaken Massage begins with a consultation, and I’m asked to close my eyes and put my hand in a pouch. Inside, there are different stones that represent different elements: air, earth, fire and water. I choose water, which represents emotion. As a result, the therapist uses lighter pressure and flowing movements to lift my emotions.

Atlantis The Royal

The therapist is spectacularly skilled, and takes the tension away from my shoulders. The experience combines a Swedish style massage with aromatherapy techniques and Reiki energy healing. The pressure is perfect, and all of my major muscle groups are woken up.  

Awaken Spa has mastered a minimalist monochrome design. The seating area includes long white sofas next to small black tables, and a bonsai-esque mural that adds an artistic touch. While the rest of the spa is dimly lit, the relaxation area has lots of light. Blissful and bright, it includes white beds with white curtains. Guests are encouraged to linger on the beds with a garden view. Refreshments range from teas to protein ball, and there are also books on Dubai available to read.  

Awaken Spa: it awakened our body and mind.

GO: Visit www.atlantis.comfor more information.

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