Netflix reveals the Dubai Bling cast

The glamorous cast includes 10 Arab and expat millionaires.

Netflix’s new reality TV show Dubai Bling is about to drop. Streaming from 27 October, it’s set to be the talk of the town. As no reality TV show is complete without a glam location, dramatic storylines and VIP cast, this production has gone all out with its selection of 10 Arab and expat millionaires. The Dubai Bling cast includes entertainers, influencers and socialites aplenty – here are the names you need to know. 

Brianna and Kris Fade

Perhaps the biggest household name in the cast, Kris has been entertaining Dubai with his Aussie accent as the voice of Virgin Radio Dubai. We’re expecting to get a sneak peek into what it’s like in the Fade family, as his wife Brianna Ramirez (now Fade) features in the show. Brianna works with Kris on his Fade Fit business.

Danya Mohammed and Marwan Al-Awadhi 

No good reality TV show is complete without a power couple, and Dubai Bling’s is the Emirati locals Marwan Al-Awadhi and his wife Danya Mohammed. Too cool for their first names, they are better known as DJ Bliss and Diva Dee. DJ Bliss is a performer, and Diva Dee is a vlogger. The pair often share snaps of each other on social media, and give us #relationshipgoals.

Ebraheem Al Samadi

While most of us were probably at school at the age of 14, Ebraheem was running his own successful business. The Kuwaiti-American is the owner of Forever Rose and Forever Rose Café, which supplies the world’s longest-lasting roses – we’re talking years, people. Known for his blunt honesty, we expect this won’t be rosy TV. 

Farhana Bodi

The Indian-born Dubai-based influencer is bringing it on the gram, as she has 1.4 million followers. Founder of I Woman of the World, she’s all about female empowerment. The single mother has been spotted travelling the globe – all while wearing glamorous gowns – and was last spotted in Venice, Istanbul and Bodrum.

Lojain Omran

Saudi Arabian TV host Lojain Omran is bringing it with her social media status, as she has notched up more than 10 million followers on the gram. Lojain’s account is brimming with posts that show off her luxury life, and mottos that aim to inspire young Arab women. She says in true Insta-style: “Be the master of your own mood, don’t let anyone steal your happiness or your conviction.” 

Loujain Adadah

Loujain is the new socialite on the block. Hailing from Lebanon and now living in Dubai, the mother of two is starting over in the city. She is clearly living an international lifestyle, as she has recently been spotted in Bodrum, Beirut and Paris.

Safa Siddiqui

Born and raised in London, and now living in Dubai, Safa is a housewife and fashionista. Thanks to her passion for fashion, she is aiming to launch her own collection with the support of her enterprising husband Fahad. She has been spotted around town in some eye-catching outfits, from sparkly silver knee-high boots to a J-Lo-inspired jungle dress. 

Zeina Khoury

The Lebanon-born, Dubai-based Zeina has 62.2k followers on Instagram. A graduate of The London Business School, she is more than just a pretty face. The CEO of a luxury real estate agency, she shares on her gram that “anything is possible”.

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